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a wolf-like beast, thought to be made of fragments of memories & dreams of crashing waves, long roads, distant mountains, endless fields, lonely deserts, hidden places, orchestras, fireworks, stormy skies, flashes of light, sorrow, fear, and love

treated as a god, a cryptid, a visitor in a dream, a once in a lifetime sight on the distance horizon. some say to see it is is a sign of hope or good luck, others say it was a tormented human who shifted their appearance permanently to escape body dysmorphia, to a rare few, they call it - a friend

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anthro "angel" form

Explosions in the Sky - So Long, Lonesome

 background by unsplash
song is one of my current oldest characters, dating back to 2013. they used to be a fursona, and used to have other forms, starting as a white wolf who shifted into a monster. i've used them as a representation for body dysmorphia + bipolar. they have become sort of a mascot and their own thing, and i love to use them art. they do not have a set story, gender, pronouns, design, anything like that. they are meant to be vague and mysterious and have multiple theories around their existence.  the viewer is allowed to have their own perception of this character.