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Content Warning
  • there will be some adult / nsfw artwork on my toyhouse. everything will be tagged, and profiles with adult content will be mature blocked. 
  • only a few characters will have adult artwork, overwhelming majority of my characters content / art is SFW.
  • my headworld / folder Dog of Paradise may reference content (in text) or have art that contains content such as: guns/knives/weapons, murder/death, blood, abuse, drugs/alcohol/tobacco, gambling, sex work, as well as have some adult work (mostly artistic nudity like a reference sheet.). you can just avoid that folder if any of this bothers you.
  • across my gallery, there may be references to drugs, mainly weed
  • if a character is a bit more heavy on these themes, and outside the Dog of Paradise folder, they will have their own warning as well.

tl;dr version:
general cw: depictions of weed, some tagged adult work/artistic nudity

in "dog of paradise" folder: murder, weapons, blood, mentions of abuse, drugs, gambling, mentions of sex work/sex, artistic nudity

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