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HEY Thanks for checking out my characters~ Here's a few things I wanna mention real quick;

-None of my characters are for trade/sale unless otherwise specified. If they are, there will be an open journal over on my dA with specifics and which characters are up for offers. If they aren't up for offers there, they aren't up for offers here.

-PLEASE DO NOT ASK IF A CHARACTER WILL EVER BE UP FOR OFFERS. The answer is most likely no. I will delete comments asking, and I will block people over this if it comes down to it.

-Some characters have elements of gore and body horror in their design. Some have a LOT of gore art in their gallery.

-Some characters may also have mentions of hardcore drug use.

-Some character's profiles may have mentions of dark subject matter, such as experimentation, death/suicide, and abuse/manipulation.

-Refs are always the first image in their gallery. If they have any extra refs (such as outfit variations, different forms, etc.), they will either be right after the main ref or in a different tab.

-Don't steal or heavily reference my characters, please.

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