Haunted Senshi



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【 Name 】 -born from senshi touched by darkness-【 Called 】 Haunted Senshi
【 Gender 】 Female (always)【 Orientation 】 -NA-
【 Role 】 Villain / Follower (aka henchman)【 Alignment 】 Chaotic Evil

About Haunted Senshi

Haunted Senshi are any senshi that is infected by a haunted senshi, a dark matter senshi or a dark matter senshi that has fulfilled its purpose and 'died.' Their bodies are filled with darkness, their skin becomes hard and armored (and pitch black), and their feet fade as though they were ghostlike. They can infect others with their darkness creating more haunted senshi. Even though the senshi's fuku stays the same, their powers change to an evil version of their original power. Their eyes also become deadlike and glow the color of their main senshi color.

Haunted senshi follow virtually no one. They can only remember their one former task and will attempt to complete that over and over again until they are otherwise destroyed. They will attempt completion of their last task by ANY MEANS NECESSARY - they know no good and evil. They only know their mission.

【 Known Powers 】
  • Life Absorption
  • Former Senshi Powers (but evil versions)
【 Known Weaknesses 】
  • Healing Powers
  • Light and Light Powers

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