Michel Rothschild



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Basic Info


Michel Rothschild




September 4th






Owner of La Réserve (High Class Blood Bar)


Hemosexual (Pansexual?)



Important Info for Commissions

HUMAN FORM HEIGHT: 5'8" BUILD: Average, Slender ETHNICITY: French, fair-to-pale skin APPARENT AGE: 18 HAIR: Black mop of hair, bangs hang down to nose,and often fall over eyes EYES: Gray (or Yellow when hungry) SCARS/MARKINGS: None. MAIN OUTFIT:  A well-tailored suit. Old money. Usually wears gloves. OTHER IMPORTANT TRAITS: Retractable fangs show when angry. Sweats blood when stressed. PERSONALITY: Old money business owner. Quiet, polite, and dignified. Not very expressive. Very sensitive to touch. Enjoys puzzles.

Appearance Description: 

Though his skin is cool to the touch, Michel usually appears to be a normal young man of average height (5'8"), and a slender-side-of-average build. He has a somewhat untameable mop of black hair, gray eyes, and fair skin. At least when he's calm and well fed. He does have retractable fangs, and eyes that glow yellow when he's hungry or aggressive. And when he hasn't fed in awhile, his skin becomes more pale, corpselike. He also doesn't sweat or breathe, unless he's very stressed, in which case he sweats blood.

Michel is always well-dressed in a classic understated fashion, and usually wearing gloves. His style is not showy, but the fabrics of his clothes are all high quality. He carries himself with the quiet dignity of someone born into wealth. Head high, back straight, fluid and graceful. He tends to either have a neutral expression or a smirk, not showing many emotions in public. Michel has a very light French accent. 

Personality Description: 

Aesthetic Board

Coming from an old money family, Michel has been mostly insulated from the hardships of life. He's naive, and sometimes a bit of a snob, albeit unintentionally. Not boastful or flashy, he spends money for quality, for things that will last. He surrounds himself with beautiful things that he enjoys, quietly confident and not needing to impress anyone else. In fact, it might be hard to tell just how wealthy he is, given that he would never be so tasteless to speak about money in public.

As polite as he is, Michel would also never air grievances in public, or even speak about personal matters. He tends to expect the same manners from everyone else. Even once people get to know him, he remains quite stand-offish, with trouble demonstrating affection. But he's quick to forgive, and his quietness is not unfriendly.

Michel enjoys puzzles, particularly physical puzzles like blacksmith puzzles and jigsaws. He also secretly buys those touch and feel children's books and high quality plush animals to pet and snuggle. He doesn't hoard these, instead donating them to needy children before they get worn out.

Even as a young vampire, his humanity feels somewhat like a memory or a dream. He finds himself drawn more to physical interactions, to shallow relationships, or to just seeing people as someone might see a fine wine. He has less self-control when it comes to delaying gratification than he had as a human. Michel also has some minor brain damage from his pre-vampire car crash. He suffers from memory lapses and brief fugue states where he zones out and can forget hours at a time. And he has intense bouts of near hysteric rage - if something makes him angry, he will explode, mostly verbally, but it's best for people to stay away. 

Active Abilities:

Minor hypnosis - Only works on humans or half-humans. When he makes eye contact with a person and concentrates, he can give people verbal commands and suggestions they'd be strongly inclined to follow. He can also alter people's short term memory this way. He can be fought off by people with strong willpower, or if the commands go against their moral code. He can also be blocked by someone covering his target's eyes, sunglasses aren't enough. Once someone has successfully resisted, it will not work on them again, unless he feeds from them. This ability is twice as effective on anyone he's fed on within the hour.

Turning - Can turn a human into a vampire by draining them of nearly all their blood then feeding them his. 

Passive Abilities:

Enhanced Senses - Infrared but otherwise normal vision, supernatural hearing (Can hear a human heartbeat from a couple feet away), predator's sense of smell, enhanced sense of touch.

Supernatural Strength - Can easily lift and throw a 200lb man across a room, one-handed.

Supernatural Speed/Grace - Moves fast enough to run over water (roughly 100ft/sec) from a standing start. Graceful and light-footed, moves fluidly and silently, like a cat.

Jumper - Can jump 1 story straight up (a little over 10ft) or 40 feet horizontally.

Rapid Regeneration - Heals anything short of decapitation in minutes, even regenerating limbs in less than an hour. This includes his hair. But if he loses a lot of blood, he will go feral more quickly. Fire heals at normal speed and can be fatal, but doesn't permanently scar. Decapitation and a wooden stake through the heart are always fatal. Some brain damage from his car accident is permanent, but any done after will heal.

Ageless/immortal - Stopped aging when he was turned. Immune to effects of cold, poison, and diseases. Won't die of old age.

Vampire Physiology - Very slow heartbeat. Doesn't breathe. Cold to touch, like a corpse. Doesn't sweat normally. Sweats blood when in pain/anxious. Retractable fangs. Eyes glow yellow when hungry/angry/aggressive.

Vampire Connection - Recognizes sire, others turned by sire, and any he turns.

Biting Feels Good - When he feeds from people it gives a burst of pleasure to both him and the victim. Blood has different flavours - notably, younger blood is sweeter, fae blood & blood from people on drugs/alcohol is mildly intoxicating, angel's blood is like really strong hot sauce.


Sensory Overload - Has a hard time focusing on more than one sound at a time. A crowded room, even with people talking normally would become overwhelming fairly quickly, about an hour or less depending on what else was going on. Shouts are painful and something like a rock concert would be incapacitating. Feels both pain and pleasure intensely. Also sensitive to textures - an itchy sweater would be like torture, and being touched by someone is very distracting to him.

Sunlight Vulnerability - Direct sunlight burns rapidly, third degree burns in minutes, and has to heal naturally. Overcast days burn slower, takes 15 minutes for 3rd degree. Sunlight can be blocked by clothes for 30 minutes or so, but it will eventually burn through. Sunlight is blinding and can be fatal.

Nocturnal/Sleep of the Dead - Can only stay awake for about 30 minutes at a time after sunrise, unless fighting/being injured. Once asleep, can only be woken by pain or sunset.

Holy Symbol Weakness - Is compelled to look away from Christian holy symbols, and any objects of faith wielded by a practitioner. Crosses and holy water burn his skin on contact, like fire.

Young Vampire Obedience - Compelled to obey direct commands from his sire, as long as he is capable. Sire's commands override others. Also strongly inclined to obey direct commands from older vampires (been turned vampires longer, or were born vampires), but can resist if it is something that will kill him. Has to be given command verbally and be able to understand it.

Garlic Allergy - The smell of raw garlic is nauseating. Forcefeeding him garlic would make him violently ill, but not fatally.

Diet of Blood - Must drink the blood of sapient beings. Fresh is best, and sustains him longer - 4 pints a day vs 8. Animal blood does nothing. Human food does nothing and makes him nauseous. If he doesn't get enough he will start going feral until he's fed. Can die of starvation in a couple months.


Born and raised in France to a very wealthy, old money family, Michel never wanted for anything as far as physical needs and money went. In a way he was spoiled, without hardship, never meeting anyone outside his social class other than servants. As an only child educated at home by tutors, he didn't have a lot of experience with people his own age either, though he wasn't completely isolated. His parents weren't cruel, but they were more distant figures of respect than family, especially his father. His mother was closer - in secret she verged on molestation, sometimes crossing that line. It made him uncomfortable, but since no one talked about their family life, he thought it was normal.

In his teens, he came into contact with a girl he believed to be his own age who was also from a respectable family. His parents encouraged them to mingle thinking she could be a good match. She was actually a fairly old vampire who accepted this because his young blood was delicious, and it was easy enough for her to manipulate his memory of events.

Just before turning 18, Michel was in a near fatal car accident while with the girl. She had some fondness for him, so decided to turn him, but after that she lost interest. She gave him a very basic education, things he'd need to know, and good sources of blood to avoid attention, then she moved away.

He managed on his own for a year or so, never revealing his secret to his family, aided by his hypnotic ability. He blamed any changes of behaviour on the car accident, which wasn't completely untrue. But the combination of some minor brain damage and stress from overstimulation got to him. He had a lapse, his parents discovered his secret, and used their resources to probe for help. Eventually, they managed to contact a scout and get him sent to Manta Carlos.

Once on the island, after some necessary education, he decided to start a high class blood bar, mostly for his own benefit. He has been on the island about three years. 

Resources: Old money business owner with a good amount of savings and family heirlooms. Lives in a nice house. Has a housekeeper and part-time gardener.

Additional Information: 

Fluent in French, English, and German. Also knows Hebrew. 

He's technically Jewish, and calls himself Jewish if asked, but is non-practicing for obvious reasons.