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she is a kappa, or a river child demon. the circles on her head retain water, which is the source of youko's life force. they must be full whenever she is away from the water. if these are damaged, dry out, etc, youka will loose her energy and become weak. this could even lead to death! she loves to pull pranks on those that swim in her local river. her favorite foods are cucumbers, kabocha, and ramen. in the past, many visitors of her river would write their names on cucumbers and leave them by the riverside so that they may have a peaceful swim. 

youko has been blamed for several things like drownings, kidnappings, and many other crimes. this has made many people fear her in recent times, despite her being mostly harmless. youko is very polite to those that are polite to her and will avoid pranking those that leave her gifts. this isn't to say that she has never done anything violent. she is a demon after all. she likes to mess with people that hurt others. if she likes someone, she will shower them with good fortune and food. she is also very knowledgeable when it comes to medicine and nature itself. she is a bit naive and has been taken advantage of by humans countless times to gain wealth and success. nowadays, she tends to stay in her river and avoid the world.