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Hi, welcome to Dipper's personal! All of the characters belong to me and it's common courtesy to not steal my characters, RP with them, kin with them, and etc! They don't belong to you :o I don't mind entertaining offers through DM's (either here or on my Deviantart) but just know, characters here are here because they are likely to never leave me! 
Some of my Closed Species are on this account but will continue to be under funCatty on their masterlists! Just a heads up: I am funCatty on DeviantART and funCatty here on! This is just more of an account that has the characters I feel will never leave me. Characters on my other will be characters I still love but don't feel this extreme personal connection to (along with also housing characters I am super chill with taking offers on!) 
Thank you for reading! 

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