Yuuto Nijimura



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Basic Info:
- Full Name: Yuuto Nijimura (虹村ゆうと)
- Nickname(s): Yuu
- Species: Human
- Age: 19
- Gender: Male
- Ethnicity: Japanese/Chinese
- Birth date: December 20th, 1999
- Sexual orientation: Straight
- Occupation: Student, part-time cashier at a liquor store.
- Original Hometown: Sapporo, Hokkaido
- Current hometown: San Francisco, California

Physical Info:
- Height: 5ft 10in
- Weight: 170lbs
- Eye Color: Black
- Hair Color: White
- Body type: Slim, Light Muscle
- Piercings: None
- Tattoos: None

Personality: Most of the time, Yuuto is a quiet teenager, good grades, good school record, with minor mishaps here and there, but nothing that would jeopardize him as a "good kid." Around his friends, he is an outspoken and loud person. Often prefers carrying a smile on his face when he can. Around people he doesn't like, since he doesn't like being confrontational, he'll most likely ignore them or be fake around them, letting them hear what they want to even if he was lying to them.

- Happy
- Soft Spoken
- Caring
- Affectionate
- Drives a Minivan

- His Minivan is a hybrid

- Can be very talkative.
- Desperate for other people's affection.
- Can be very shy and quiet to new people. 

- Will listen to your problems, but is unable to think of any advice to help at that moment. 
- A bad flirt. 

- Was born in Sapporo, but moved to San Francisco with his family due to work. He can't speak Japanese very well, but he does speak a bit of Mandarin.

- Family: 1 mother, father, and an older sister.

- Friends:
- Kenta Kobayashi, Akemi Takeji

- Girlfriend/Wife:
- Shizuko Iwahara

- Video Games
- Eating
- Spicy/Savory Food
- Anime
- His Minivan 

- Listening to Shizuko sing lullabies when they sleep together. 

- People who talk down on him or the people he cares about.
- Sour food
- Being cut off mid-sentence.

- When Shizuko decides to flirt.