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【 Name 】 Reikar【 Called 】 Rei or Reikar
【 Age 】 Appears 21【 Gender / Orientation 】 Male / Gay
【 Hair 】 Short and dark brown; usually messy【 Eyes 】 Dark Purple
【 Gems 】 Protruding (rare) / Dark Purple【 Horns 】 Large Antlered (rare)
【 Skin / Marking 】 Pale - Marbled【 Ears  Short (common)
【 Tail 】 Swept, doubled (uncommon)【 Height / Weight 】 6' 0" / 218 pounds
【 Origin 】 Deep Space - Likes Earth and Earthlike Planets【 Species/Race 】 Gemsun

About Reikar

Reikar is a fun guy who is always looking for a good time (as long as there is no clean-up, set-up, ... or work of any sort needed by him). He definitely likes to stay clean, prefers the calm and solitude of the night, and he can be quite the chatterbox sometimes. If he isn't chattering away, he is making up songs and humming or singing them, often accompanying them with a thigh-tap to keep the beat. He is remarkably calm and tries to teach others how to center themselves to be calm and peaceful as well.

As a friend, Reikar is probably the one who will poke your side relentlessly until he finds that ticklish spot (he has one one his left side that sends him straight to the ground lol). He is the best cheerleader and will try to bring you back up if you are feeling blue or down. As a lover, Reikar needs all the attention. He's an attention whore... Where he is willing to share his friends' attention, he is not so giving with his lovers. He wants them all to himself, preferably with him snaked around them in some way all cuddled up and cozy...

【 Likes 】
  • Cool Nights with a bright moon/stars
  • Fruits - all the tasty fruits!
  • Dressing down in comfy clothes
  • Cuddles and snuggling!
【 Dislikes 】
  • Hot weather - sticky and sweaty is gross
  • Getting hot and sweaty - bleh
  • Crunchy foods... nasty!
  • Physical labor... just nope!
【 Hobbies 】
  • Stretching and Tai Chi for calmness
  • Swimming! Best when hot out and naked!
  • Technology! Loves to learn it!
  • Singing and humming (sometimes dancing)


Reikar, while travelling thru space on his way to Earth, found a wayward creature - a Duster to be exact.  The duster took to him and follows him everywhere. Like Reikar, the duster is energetic and playful. It also tries to be helpful tho sometimes its "help" is the opposite of helpful (not intentionally - the duster is not malicious at all). Reikar has mixed feelings about his new companion and treats it more like a child than anything; he calls the little duster 'Bibby.' Reikar does really like that Bibby has a natural affinity for water like he does and splashes with it whenever the occasion arises. Reikar and Bibby also wrestle (gently - Bibby isn't very strong and Reikar is concerned it will break haha), do Tai Chi together, and pretend to be in a band together too! Bibby is also super talented at mimicking Reikar and his friends!



[ looking a lot like friendship! ]

Jin is the best goofball to be with! We are ready for everything (and to laugh at everything!). Not really sure if he likes it when I play with his GORGEOUS HAIR, but I keep trying anyways haha!


[ a serious... ugh... friend... ]

FATAL FLAW TIME - AL IS SO SO SO SERIOUS... Making him laugh is a task! Failed task. Very fail. But he is so dependable and nice and can actually be a lot of fun too! Ugh. Really tho, good guy that one.


[ needs to find her center... ]

Can be super fun to be around but quite often needs to learn when to let certain things go... She needs to find that inner peace. But when she is in he right mood, SHE IS AMAZEBALLS!

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