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Basic Info






4"5 ft


250 lbs


She/Her, is mostly genderless though


Bisexual, poly-romantic



Valerie is a Deltarune OC/sona I made because I wanted to smooch the characters and I guess I'm old enough to not be ashamed of that. There are some NSFW things so lol oops


Valerie is a Valentines Day card that was never addressed or delivered. It was shoved under the door into the unused classroom from embarrassment. 

Valerie had a hard time finding her place in the dark world, wandering around the forests aimlessly. Not being addressed, she had no goal in mind, she had to do something but wasn't sure where to go.

That was until she met a group of Hathys. The little hearts saw that she was a card with hearts on it and saw her as a long lost sister. Swept away by their enthusiasm and kindness, they guided her back to Card Castle where she was presented in front of the King of Hearts himself. The king quickly saw kinship in her and adopted her as an honorary member of his court. 

The hearts dressed her in their soft green robes and did their best to make her feel welcomed. She felt like she finally had a place to call home with the soft squishy Hathys.

Since she's not actually a playing card, Valerie gets along rather well with the other residents of the castle. She is kind to the Rudinns and Hathys and quickly became friends with Clover and Lancer.

However... she quickly developed a lot of crushes. Again, not being addressed, she can't set her sights on only one person at a time. She easily falls in love and fawns over her them. She is especially fond of Rouxls Kaard and the King of Spades, though. Valerie does her best to help Kaard with his duke responsibilities, tending to the kings' needs, caring for Lancer. She is almost too clumsy to be of much help, dropping things or getting orders mixed up, but she still tries her best. 

As for her more... intimate endeavors... Valerie does sleep around a fair bit. She thinks sex is fun and loves the intimacy. She doesn't want to cheat or break hearts, she's just not a monogamous person. She is open and honest about it and tries to be understanding if people don't like it. 

Physical Attributes

Valerie is a soft little marshmallow. Literally. Her flesh is made out of marshmallow, her hair is chocolate, and her bodily fluids are strawberry syrup. She regenerates quickly if she loses a piece, but she still doesn't tear or break easily. She's so sweet tasting and smelling, it's almost addictive. Luckily, she likes all the attention.