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Nickname Levi
Height [info]
Gender Male
Pronouns him/he
Orientation ???

Born in one of the history-filled deep, deep settlements that were hardly surrounded by other towns or even cities, Levi was brought into the world by a young couple who were elated by the baby they were gifted. Living on a farm in the deep, deep waters was a hard life especially when Levi as a child was painfully sick for most of his younger childhood. At first, his parents thought his constant crying was because of the pressure that the water put on his body, but after days of constant crying them ended up making the trek to the nearest doctor. This was were the awful news of how ill he was, was broken to them. For the next years to come Levi was in the fight of his life. He wasn’t able to attend normal schools and because he was either at the small hospital that housed only a few people (most being elders) or at his own home he homeschooled. When at the hospital he would often be kept company by the elder Fiskerts who told him stories upon stories of what life was like for them when they were younger. As time dragged on, Levi would become deathly sick before he got better at one point his parents were told to say their goodbyes as he would most likely not make it through the night. While most things could be explained by science, the miracle that touched Levi could not. By the next day, he was quite visibly better, his normally flakey and cracked skin had started to heal slightly and his labored breathing had become a tad bit more even. All throughout Levi’s teen years, he was on a recovery trip. His lungs needed to heal from the damage they had endured, as did most of his internal organs. And all throughout the recovery period, he began to grow restless. His parents had supplied him with countless magazines and books about cities that laid nestled on the higher waters. By the time that Levi was 16, he had made an almost full recovery, with only minor relapses that were easily treated with medication. It took a lot of convincing and pleading, but with enough work around the house and some brownies to sweeten the deal, Levi had convinced his parents to allow him to move in with his aunt so long as she was okay with it. This would take him to the city, the place he had been wanting to go for around 4 years. The place where raves and parties happened on the daily. A place where he could start anew and attend high school like a normal kid and without anyone thinking of him as the sick and weak kid that he was. It didn’t take long for Levi to get that yes from his aunt, and within a week he was all packed up and ready to stay with his aunt, with the promise that during summer he would come back home to stay with his parents. Life at that point was a blur of excitement and happiness. By the time that Levi reached the city (it took a month as his lungs had to become used to how light everything was) his illnesses were at the back of his mind and he was filled with excitement and joy for all the fun times to come. Once he started attending high school, he quickly became a rather popular kid who couldn’t sit still for the life of him and someone who always was invited to the best parties. As time drew on, he began to have a relapse again which left him outcasted and only his true friend sticking by his side. Not letting this bring him down he kept attending parties and kept trying to be his normal self. He succeeded at it and eventually once the relapse had started to cure itself, he was back and full of energy. Now, an adult, Levi works at a very popular night club and still can’t pass up a good party. His charming personality and his brash ideas have made him the center of every party goers’ attention and he has no intention of giving up anytime soon because of any silly relapse.

 -Written by PocketRat

Species Owner [n
Designer [name]
Dictionary # 121806

Crest Tentacle
Ear/AnkleSea Dragon
Trait Spine


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Levi is a fun-loving, optimistic guy who just wants to have a good time.