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There is a very vague sexual reference in the following profile!



Questionable Scientist [ Part of the Space Gang]

Mellis rarely ever smiles, and if you happen to see them smile, it's hardly ever a good sign.

      They are a scientist, but in the DIY, "who-needs-certification?" kind of way. This works for the multidimensional gang they're a part of. They function as their medic, analyst, chemist and, on occasion, body-get-ridder. Really, most of what they do is analyze the products and try to determine their properties, so it's not that romantic. In some settings, though, they've done some dark shit.
     Dour and at times humorless; Mellis can seem like a party pooper. And they are! They tend to disapprove of the people around them. They're sadly the kind of person who thinks being pessimistic is "smarter" and "more realistic". Invite them over to make fun of movies, and you might win Mellis' favor. End up in a long argument with them about why the new Star Wars suck and they'll walk away saying, "Hey that was great, let's do that again sometime." Mellis isn't a complete asshole though; they're smart enough to know when they're about to get in deep shit, and can be surprisingly gentle when the situation calls for it. They also do have a sense of humor; it's just so utterly dry and sarcastic that it's hard to tell they're actually enjoying themself. Their favorite thing is to make people believe something utterly's hard to call bullshit on them.
     Mellis is prone to over-thinking. They always think 30 steps ahead, and sometimes this leaves them wary of doing literally anything. Everytime they reincarnate they go through the exact same existential crisis. Eventually they just wrote a huge journal explaining everything and they still have a crisis every time. Eventually they wrote a long foreword in that journal, telling themself not to panic and they still do.
    Their tendency to overthink isn't all bad though. They're able to strategize when Eiver and Venis would much rather rush in. Mellis enjoys fantasizing. They're fairly creative for someone so strict in their scientific work; in fact it's the result of doing such repetitive sterile tasks. Mellis just doesn't trust anyone to listen to them and their theories. Mellis enjoys writing horror and sci-fi. They also have very oddly specific sexual fantasies, but no one wants to hear about those (But if you're a giant invisible slime werewolf, give them a call.) ((NOTE: Please don't actually contact me about giant invisible slime werewolves.)) (((Though if you are a giant invisible slime werewolf good on you)))

Agender (They/Them)

Horror, Sci-fi, Chemistry, Dragonball, 


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