The Messenger



3 years, 7 months ago


please don't shoot The Messenger he's just doing his job.

Just some Notes
Is a 5w6 During the time of the Narrarator, is a messanger of bad luck. both in plays and as a worker to deliver messages from narrrattor himself, almost all thespians gain a bad taste in their mouths about him. his arrival only means the worst is to come. and from this, he tends to stay away from friendships and anyone he might start to care about. he completely avoids the backstage as much as possible. those who've tried to talk to him or ask questions only get a cold shoulder. After years and years of separation from his only remaining family, The Tech, he starts visiting his sibling again, connecting... He decides he doesn't want to be a Messenger of Death anymore, one who only brings bad news... no, he's still The Messenger, but now he has a chance to bring other things. Still, only meaningful messages, whether with his voice or through another form. But now he'll chose what he carries and how he delivers it. So his outfit starts to reflect his re connection with the Tech. Specifically, the shirt and mask are directly borrowed. (though I flipped the shirt, both for Mirroring aesthetic and also for the nod at Right Over Left Means Death). The colours are toned down, taking a more passive and less noticed role. Tensions are still high at first, but over time he becomes known as more of a whisper than bringer of doom, and tends to have... less arrows and knives jabbed into him. ... so he's also probably thinking with the new information he's heard back somehow (???) about what it means for his future if the Narrator isn't truly gone...