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5 months, 5 days ago


NOTE: I am always open for rpgs! 
(feel free to note/dm me) *ask me for my discord via note
I am just picky with the theme/genre


  • Decent English Grammar (I only rp in English)
  • Story Driven 18+ or Sfw with some violence/gore preferred
  • At least two small paragraphs (I don't do one-liners)
  • I write normally 4 to 8 large paragraphs 
    but I can shorten it to 2 small paragraphs
  • Please tell me if you want to drop out, don't ignore me :[
  • Please tell me if you don't like something, otherwise I can't change it,
    communicate with me please, I sadly cannot read minds :,)
  • I cannot respond everyday(I will TRY though) 
    I still have artwork and offline buisness to do!


  • Gore/Horror ***
  • Apocolyptic ***
  • Fantasy/Mixed ***
  • Sci-fi ***
  • Vintage/Victorian/Old-Age Era **
  • Medieval 
  • Steampunk


  • Humanoid ***
  • Anthro **
  • Ocs ***
  • Fandom Ocs **
  • Fandom Characters (Officials) *
  • Quadrupedal (only as side characters)


  • Male/Male ♂ *** (primarily and most preferred)
  • Female/Female ♀♀ * (sometimes / very picky, depends on the character)
  • Female/Male ♀♂ (Im not really interested in hetero at all
    but I'm fine with hetero SIDE pairings)

Fandoms (if doing fandom rpgs)

  • Fallout (New Vegas, 4, 76)
  • Guild Wars 2 
  • Infamous 1, 2,  Second Son 
  • Prototype 1 
  • Asassins Creed 1 
  • Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them 
  • Harry Potter 
  • Doctor Who 
  • Pokemon
  • Adventure Time
    (might add more later)

About the Ocs
- I prefer oc x oc, or just in general rpgs with ocs but I am open to fandom rpgs too!
- I love using multiple characters and having multiple interactions
- Horror is my number one <3, adding blood, gore and violence is just more icing on the cake
but if you need a 'softer' rpg with less gore and violence, I can work with it, as long as you
can still tolerate 'some mild' horror aspects.
- I am open to using ANY of my characters but of course
I favor my personal characters and closed species characters.
- These characters I use the most:Addison/Addison(anthro), Limbo/(pending anthro),
 Devin/(pending anthro), Lilith/Lilith(anthro),  Dwight/Dwight(Asura), Azazel, Sam, Noel, Vitiatus 
(Any stories of them though with other characters will be 'non-canon' to their original stories)

About the fandoms
- I don't like that every pokemon protagonist is a child (I think it's time we grow up you know?) 
So if using a trainer OC, please 18 or older in age
- I'm open to poke-ginka characters! I love them actually!
- Here is some Fandom ships I like: Newt/Credence***, Delsin/Eugene**, PG/Marshall Lee, PB/Marceline, 
 10th Doctor/The Master(Blonde), Altair/Malik, Any of the fallout 4 male companions + each other pretty much ***