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About Me

Name: Rory-Addison
Gender: Male ♂
Activity: Active / Semi-Active

Other Notes
  • I live in CET +1 timezone so I might not be online always depending where you live
  • I speak English and German but I only write rpgs in English
  • Dm me whenever you want man B)
  • If you want to drop the rpg, please tell me! I won't be upset and I'm very easy going, I just like to be informed is all and not randomly ditched without a word.... 
  • No nsfw rpgs if you're under 18! 
  • I don't judge on how people write their characters, if you are comfortable writing a certain way that is  all that matters!
  • I don't like Rom-Coms (so no rpgs that consist of ONLY romance, drama and comedy) it gets boring
RP Location

Google Docs 

Other Notes
  • Discord, Google Docs, Emails or private dms (depending on the site) Discord and Google Docs are my favorite though!
  • I'm iffy about chats.... depends how big the chat is. 
  • I don't like forums really but I'd try
  • Feel free to suggest me other locations and platforms!

One on One 
Up to 3 
Up to 4 
As Big as Possible 

Other Notes
  • One x One or 4-6 people(small group) is favored! I don't like massive groups of 20+
    because I simply can't keep up with so many people, Id burn myself out and lose track of who I last interacted with (I also sadly don't have the time for SO MANY rpgs unfortunately... ) 
Post Type

Script Style 
Head Cannon 

1 or 2 Sentences 
1 or 2 Paragraphs 
2 to 5 Paragraphs 
5+ Paragraphs 
A few pages worth 

Other Notes
  • Third person please! I have a hard time working with Second or First person (first person being my least favorite)
  • Not sure what Head Cannon is but Script I'm skeptic about, depends... you can ask and show me your examples
  • No ** style and no one-liners
  • Script style only with small talk chatting, no regular rpgs!
    Paragraph preferred most!
Preferred Character Types

Don't care 

Don't care 

Original species 

Other Notes
  • Your character can be any gender or sex, I don't care! I myself just tend to primarily use cis male characters and a 'few' cis female characters (in reality only two I use actually...)
  • I only rp as humanoid and anthro (this includes anthro-bipedal closed species such as: Cinnadogs, Nebnoms, Fawxingtons, Tocatl etc.
RP Types

Horror / Mystery 
Other / AUS 

Other Notes
  • Horror Apocalyptic Fantasy are my favorites together or singles!
  • + Action, + Drama, Romance, Comedy, Gore/Violence, NSFW (add-ons I really like included in the main genre)
  • No Rom-Com Dramas, they get boring for me when there is no action or some violence going on, sorry.
  • Steampunk And Old-Time time periods are also appreciated! Like a sort of Gothic-Victorian timeline 18th-19th century etc. 

Must be planned in advance 
Characters must know each other 
Depends on the character & situation 

Exclusive Relationships 
AU relationships with others 

Other Notes
  • We don't have to ship ocs but I like it a lot!
  • I like AU relationships and exclusive but it all depends on the character in the end. 
  • Interest Order:
    Male x Male [Favored]*
    Female x Female
    Male x Other
    Female x Other
    Male x Female
Relationship Speed

Slow and steady 
Molasses, I want to suffer 
Depends on the characters 

Other Notes
  • Super fast is a bit much but mega slow, I don't know? depends on the characters!

Skip the act 
Write build up, skip act 
Only write the act if it's good 
Write the act always 

Other Notes
  • No smut or all the way! I don't like this 'skipping' scenes, it defeats the purpose of having smut in an rpg in my opinion.
  • I am more than okay with a sfw rpg too! Smut is not mandatory (I just like it)
Romantic Artwork

Post what I'm comfortable with 
Post but don't show me 
Don't ever post w/o consulting 
Don't care 

Hugs or Cuddles 
Sexual Acts 

Other Notes
  • Post all if you want

No violence at all 
Discuss it with me first 
Don't care 

Verbal arguments 
Mild (Paper cut, Elbow to the face...) 
Normal (Stabbing, Fist fight...) 
Extreme (Torture...) 

Other Notes
  • At least a 'little' bit of violence would be nice please. You don't have to go over the top with gore or something. Although if you do, I wouldn't mind either ~
Psychological Problems

Neurotypical only 
Discuss it with me first 
Don't care 

Depression or other similar problems 
Extreme personality problems, PTSD, etc. 

Other Notes
  • A handful of my characters have mental/physical problems, some are mild, some are severe, if you are triggered by certain mental/physical issues please tell me so I know what character to NOT link you!
  • Aside from that I am fine with any mental or physical problems your characters may have, I don't have any triggers / don't get triggered by anything either. 

Post what I'm comfortable with 
Post but don't show me 
Don't ever post w/o consulting 
Don't care 

Mental stress or self harm 
Mild depictions (scrapes, bruises...) 
Average depiction (open wounds...) 
Extreme depictions (dismemberment, torture...) 

Other Notes
  • Fine with any violence / post all! have fun

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