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Basic Info




900 (about 27)




Demon, Kau


Fire manipulation, Divine Punishment, Night vision, sense/reflex enhancement


Solider (formerly)


Eroisa (former clanmate), Balnira (former clanmate), Zartok (Former clanmate), Jumiun (former clanmate), darizi (former clanmate), Neptune (???)


Draco was born to a pure-blood Kau and a demon-Kau hybrid. Despite this, he looks more half and half. His life in the clan was like any: impatient to be out of the nursery and being an apprentice, eager to learn, eager to train, eager to fight. However, he was distant to most--even more so once his parents had died off in a fight.

Centuries passed and the urge to leave grew and grew. Only when Eroisa left, did Draco followed suit. He left to the forest and found a home there. All was well. Or so he thought.

You see, my dear visitors, Draco was destined to be alone. Perhaps in some past, some distant alternate universe to when he was a Klance fankid, he had a lover but here-- he would die off alone. Now, he didn't mind. No. He did not mind at all. You see, he developed a slight fear of love. The idea of love seemed stupid and terrible. If he were to fall in love then in the end, he might someday die tragically with that person. Just as his parents did. Falling in love was dangerous.

But, little did he know, so was being alone. Being alone brought things into his head that he's never thought of--never dreamt of before. 

Now, what were those dreams about, you may ask? Well, remember how I mentioned that alternative universe? It was that. Specifically, someone who he has loved. It was blurry, voices muffled and scrambled but the warmth was still there. They were still there. 

At first, Draco often awoke to confusion and wonder, however, he eventually managed to fall in love with the person. This mysterious, blond-haired person in his dreams. And that was how he saw things differently, and that is exactly how he fell. Why? Because if you believed it enough, you could imagine it being there of course. 

Now, of course, Draco constantly felt this presence because everything reminded him of this person. He'd find himself collecting dandelion flowers and eventually collecting seeds to plant them near his home. This was his life for centuries, until the day he died. He died rather peacefully, laying in a bed of golden dandelions.