Arcis Belrose



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Name Arcis Belrose
Age 25 years
Gender Male (he/him)
Romantic Orientation Panromantic
Sexual Orientation Pansexual
Magic Aqua (Glacies)
Weapon Lance
Species Human
Theme Innocence

Arcis is a kind-hearted person with a will of steel. Although he was orphaned at a young age, he was adopted into such a welcoming and kind community that he's been able to grow into a generally happy individual with a love for the world around him. He can often feel quite peaceful, especially as he loves to spend much of his time either reading under the light of the sun or merely walking through the forests of Salus that he calls home. He has a good sense of humor and is supportive of those around him, but even though he is friendly, he finds himself without many friends.

Although he can seem quite calm and collected most of the time, and tends to maintain a cool head even in the most stressful situations, he can become quite emotional when it comes down to dragonkind. He finds them fascinating, and wants to protect them at all costs. This makes him an avid hater of dragon hunters, and his rage when faced with such people is unparalleled.

  • Dragons
  • Nature
  • Novels
  • Cities
  • Conflict
  • Arrogance




Arcis was orphaned and alone in the Salean woods at a very young age, so young that he hardly even remembers it. Instead of falling prey to wild beasts or starvation, however, he was rescued by the residents of a town hidden deep within Salus, known simply as "The Sanctuary". The residents of The Sanctuary all have nowhere else to call their home, and Arcis was welcomed there with open arms. He was quickly adopted by the community, as well as by an elder dragon known as The Grandfather, where Arcis was allowed to safely grow up with his draconic siblings.

Having lived alongside people and dragons alike, Arcis had a very difficult time understanding why the two species fought outside of Salean borders, and believed that peace was obtainable if people simply spent enough time learning to understand dragons. His dreams of a perfect world where dragons and humans co-existed would be quickly dashed as hunters grew closer to discerning The Sanctuary's location, and Arcis would bear witness to the violence caused by self-centeredness and hatred for dragonkind. Determined not to let outsiders harm any more of his communal family, Arcis picked up the lance and became a Dragon Knight, and would end up in the service of Kuria, the so-called Dragon Queen of Salus.

As Anima and Ultima continue to press inwards into Salus, and opportunists attempt to find the secret village to hunt dragons, Kuria grows weary and injured from defending her people. Arcis is now very busy defending anything he can, but a chance encounter with Sirius, Saurax and Gina will send him on a journey he never imagined himself having.

Design notes
  • Arcis has Salean-style tattoos, which are white in color and cover most of his body. In certain lighting, they actually seem to hold a bit of shine to them.
  • He wears soft red eyeliner.
  • He wields a large lance, but also has a short rapier attached to his belt for emergencies.
  • He has a single braid strand underneath his left ear.
  • His ears, unlike most other humans', are slightly pointed and elvish in design.

  • Arcis's fighting style mostly relies on powerful thrusts with his lance, but he also tends to leap in the air and crash down on foes in a flurry of ice.
  • He can become childishly excited whenever he is able to talk good about dragonkind, and often gushes over them, breaking his calm appearance.
  • He has a tendency to push himself very hard on the battlefield, even when it's not necessary- this often causes him to get hurt and end up exhausted.

Kuria His Queen

Kuria is a dragon who reigns over Salus and protects the forests and the people living within them. When Arcis became a Dragon Knight, he was invited to meet her, a rare occurrence for the residents of the Sanctuary. Although she can come across as being quite cold, she trusts him, and will end up leaving her legacy behind with him.

Ancora His Charge

At some point early in the story, Arcis will end up being tasked with protecting Ancora, a juvenile dragon who strongly distrusts humanity. Although the two of them take some time to warm up to one another, Arcis devotes all of his time to making sure that Ancora is okay, and ends up becoming something of a dad to him over time.

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