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Guirec Illes

Guirec Illes
8 years
Nonbinary (They / them)

Design Notes

4'4, very short. Mushroom mandrake; small white mushrooms sprout on their head every once in a while like a Fairy Ring.

Wears an old lab coat most of the time, it must have been Elodie's grandfathers'. Sleeves dangle or are rolled up often.

Wears ankle socks and dress shoes like oxfords. Glasses are always on.






Joint cracks



Board games


Being wrong

Lost data

Greatest Strength

Guirec is very interested in science and is very smart at their age. As mushrooms are closer to animals than plants in biology, you could say they breathe similar to humans by taking in air and releasing CO2. Guirec probably has very strong lungs and never gets a cough when sick, or can hold their breath well.

Greatest Weakness

Even so, they are unable to whistle no matter how hard they try to learn. As an overly neat person as well, Guirec nags others often for their messes and cannot focus when there's too many things lying around.

Finnish/Enoki mushroom
Finland (Current)
Finland (Birthplace)


Guirec enjoys mixing things together and building things in their free time. Theyll do their own propagation tests and try to study what went into the mandrakes creation. Veli often helps with this.

People watching

There's countless humans in the world, each one so different from the others even if they are related. Guirec likes to watch the customers that come into the family shop without talking to them.


They're easy. Guirec happened to get a small book of crossword puzzles from the dollar store.

Positive Traits

As a very focused person, Guirec can be serious and often gets things done. When given a task, they'll do anything to make sure it's done right, if not exceeding expectations. The oldest are glad that they aren't a troublesome kid for the most part.

Neutral Traits

Mature for their age, it's a good and bad thing. Guirec feels the oldest have a lot of work to do and doesn't want to bother them when they need help. Sometimes they can problem solve alone, but sometimes it creates bigger problem, especially if it's an emotional matter that they don't trouble others with.

Negative Traits

Sometimes they can be irritable and fight with their siblings like Paavo or Suomi, then taking it out a little on Taimi before apologizing. They don't like having their space tampered with, especially if it can become messy.


Others' Perception

Loved Ones

Their family appreciates their responsible nature and offers help even if they refuse it.


Customers see them peering at them during the shop hours and wave, but they run off. They seem shy.


Paavo fights with Guirec the most over the simplest things, they're both instigators and childish, but get along by the end of the day.

Since Guirec was born, they prefered to have their own autonomy for their sisters' sakes. When they were a baby, Elodie's grandfather took care of them among the others, but had passed by the time that Guirec could comfortably walk and talk. Guirec couldn't remember his voice, but recognized his face from memories and pictures around the house. They also grew up remembering the grief their sisters went through without him around.

More siblings were on the way, Taimi and Milne. Paavo was the last to sprout at the time, growing up a bit slower than Guirec had, proof that each one in succession was more human like in aging. Each of their sisters eventually sprouted things like flowers, blossoms, but Guirec sprouted mushrooms. At first, Guirec hated that it wasn't anything "beautiful", and why their creator chose to make them have such a makeup, and why he'd passed away so soon into their lives. Questioning so many things, that sparked their interest in science to figure out things themselves.

Guirec spent a lot of time reading, studying on their own to learn more about their biologies through their grandfather's notes. It was interesting, a passion to them, but being a wuiet and studious child would mean less work for their siblings. Part of their maturity is a downplay of their problems compared to the responsibilities their sisters carried, yet they'd heard them mention it was temporary; Elodie was going to care for them in the future.

Dubious, Guirec thought it'd be tough to have someone new in the family, some stranger they'd have to consider a parent. It'd be good when their other siblings are born, when their sisters need help, but they figured they wouldn't grow attached. Elodie turned out to be a kind person though, attentive enough that even she noticed the things Guirec needed someone to be around for. Some experiments couldn't be praised if their sisters were busy, or sometimes Guirec needed someone else to speak with for advice.

With the sprouting of Milne being the last, Guirec felt the family was large enough as it was. Being able to go out into the world with the others whenever they pleased was nice to do, but Guirec always preferred being alone in a lab. Even so, with Mandira working at the flower shop, her little brother Veli in tow, Guirec found someone who could study alongside of them. Veli became their best friend, outgoing, but someone likeminded enough to be as intrigued about the mandrakes' biology.

So such days came and went, often repeating where they'd all play or spend time together. Guirec leaves behind a bit of their maturity, living more like any other kid, feeling the turn of events was thanks to Elodie. In addition, they don't feel as insecure about their creation when the others appreciate them and their differences, embracing the qualities Elodie's grandfather gave them. Continuing to study, Guirec intends to become a scientist in the future.

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∙ They find the nature and science aspects of Ghibli movies fascinating. THeir favorite movie is Nausicaa of the valley of the wind because the Ohmu are so cool to them.

∙ Smells like mint because they eat too much peppermint candy. Supposedly, the mint smell makes one more awake.

∙ They may bicker with their family but when they are going to eat dinner, Guirec always waits for everyone to eat before they do. It's polite but they nag others to hurry up at the same time.

∙ They know how many of their experiments have failed, but never keep track of successes because if they don't know, they can say it's countless successes.

∙ The ring of mushrooms on their head is considered a fairy ring in superstitions. Stepping in one in nature is "bad luck". It has no correlation though, it's just cute looking to me.

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