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North is calm, intelligent, and a natural leader. Known as The Great Wizard Winter.
Their little polar bear helper, Cho, is the embodiment of the north star.

Backstory from their adopt page

"The Great-wizard Winter flies high up the skies with their trusty companion during the holidays making sure Christmas is as it should; Snowing and everyone to feel happiness. The snow magically releases out of their little pouch as they fly. They use their staff to add a little magic and luck to whoever needs it. The staff can only be held by the wizard or their companion. If anyone else tries to take it away they will turn into ice until the Yimin decides to unfreeze them. This Yimin has been around for a while but people who lived back then saw and carry on the story, through generations, of how this Yimin became an avatar for Christmas for so many places;
The Great Wizard Winter was once a simple boar Yimin living in a place that has never seen snow. Locals didn't celebrate the holidays and everyone seemed grumbley and sad. One day this Yimin decided to travel far and away in search for snow and bring some back to their land as they believed snow will also bring Christmas and Christmas will bring joy.

 After years of travelling and searching they found a place where snow existed. Ecstatic, the Yimin put some in their pouch and proceed to take the long road back home. When they arrived they called everyone around to witness this magical thing they never seen before and they opened the bag. Nothing... The snow has "disappeared" along with the smiles and little glints in everyone's eyes. People and animals left. The Yimin was left alone and gazed upon the sky. One single star was twinkling. The same star that they used as a compass to travel far and back home again. They asked a single question; What can they do to bring Christmas in their land? A few moments ago a little dot of light became brighter and brighter as it descended from the skies. Touched by the Yimin's willingness to travel so far and back, just to bring happiness to their little land, the star itself has came to earth in the form of a baby polar bear to grand the Yimin their wish. 

Everyone woke up the other day to witness the most amazing phenomenon. The Yimin was soaring the skies. Snow magically appeared out of their little pouch and was gently falling to earth. Everyone felt warmth and happiness. The Yimin has done it. Christmas has finally arrived to this land. 

In order to grand such a strong wish the star gifted all its magic to them, sacrificing their celestial properties and remaining a little bear forever by their side. The Yimin has been bringing Christmas for more than a decade now. Sometimes even making it last just a wee-longer."

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