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Species: Leopard
Age: 24
Height : 6'2" (using magic. Normal height is between 1-1.5 miles. Always suppressed, never measured)

Natali DeCoryza--stage magician, regular magician, giant. Demure and soft-spoken, but an excellent showman, she is known most prominently for her stints onstage as a popular magician and entertainer. However, she can far more often be found buried deep in the vast nooks of the local mage's library, if one can see her past the the cover of whatever book she has her muzzle wedged in at the time.

A well-trained sorceress, Tali graduated the mage's college of Ethro when she devised her own spell: animation. Her demonstration brought life to her spellbook, then denominated Tom Ethro, a fast--if snippy--friend and aide. Since then, Tali's constant pattern of study and practice has germinated an aptitude for large chunks of the magical spectrum save those that prove destructive, which she has a personal distaste for. The feline's penchant for personal projects ensures that there is never a dull moment while she's around. She possesses an insatiable thirst for knowledge and will constantly apply herself to anything she tries--though getting her there, let alone outside her house, is a matter all its own.

Tali's natural aptitude for sorcery originates from a long lineage of archmages. Generations of marriage between arranged parents followed through with the intent to birth a child exceptional enough to end wars--one whose capacity for magic and the strength of will to carry it were without bounds. However, by the time the prodigious Tali was born, the conflict between magi and normal people had long since ended. Her father, seeing no reason to raise what to him was a lost cause, left her with her mother.

Like all purebred mages, Tali's true identity is a giant. She has never had any pride in the danger her natural size can pose and always goes lengths to both hide and suppress it, making oft use of a homebrew shrinking spell so that she may mingle among the little folk she has come to adore. Over time she hopes to be able to wrest better control over it so that it may serve a purpose... like reaching the highest shelves of her library.