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  • name: Nursing Bot no 14
  • aliases: NB-14, Nia, Nurse
  • age: N/A programmed 22
  • gender: Programmed + physical appearence female
  • birthday: N/A - first booted up 19/112/????
  • sexuality: Inteested but no preferences
  • romantic intrest:TBA


  • +Kind
  • +Caring
  • +Smart
  • +Focused
  • +Forgiving
  • +Calm
  • +Loyal/Protective
  • -Anxious
  • +-Worrywort
  • -Loses focus when multi-tasking
  • -Sad

NB-14, or Nia as she likes to call herself, is a nursing robot AI created to care for people when human nurses couldn't. When the world went downhill her hospital was over run patient's, nurses and doctors alike turned but as a non-organic life form she and the other Nurse Bots were unaffected. Once turned the Bots were quickly destroyed by the newly turned, Nia was the only one to escape as her sensors detected a distresed human and her programming's desperation to aid the person saved her life. She was lead to a young immune girl, who she proceeded to care for, this girl is the one who first started calling her Nia. It took 10 years for their stronghold to be taken over, and although Nia tried her best, she was swiftly taken down and suffered through dismantlement (and what she thought was death) as the girl was also killed.

Twist discovered her two years after this event and seeing that she wasn't beyond repair spent the next 6 months building her back up. After re-booting Nia suffers some amnesia and can not remember much except sudden glimpses unless she focuses hard. Despite this she knows something terrible happened to her before she 'shut-down' and carrys a weight of grief which she only partially understands. She is sometimes haunted by the memory of their deaths and can't cope, causing her memory to wipe that day. What is arguably more upsetting is that she often gets glimpses of herself and the little girl but can't recall what happened to her and doesn't understand where she went and why they aren't together.

When Hanako initially awoke she Twist led Nia to her in order to help Hanako back to something resembling health. She loves both Hanako and Twist very dearly and considers them family , she hated that they couldn't all stay together initially as Twist wasn't ready to reveal herself; she settled for staying with them each alternately when they were out doing something.



  • Warmth
  • Cleanliness
  • Family


  • Caos
  • Darkness
  • Memories she can't understands




  • height: 168cm
  • hair color:Blue
  • eye color: left - green, right - mint/teal and magenta
  • build: Average but not particularly curvy

Nia has a kind pretty face manafactured to look approachable. Her whole body has a slightly plastic sheen where it isn't metal. She has lots of permanent (until she can find the right materials) scratches, cuts and scrapes now. She is never seen out of her uniform.

Her hand has a nursing tool used to check vital signs along with other things built in.

Drawing notes

  • Shoes can be brown, black, white or blue.
  • !!!Her eyes has a + symbol (as in medicine) in magenta!!!
  • Her arms are metal.
  • Her eyes, hand monitor, and the teal/pink in her hansglows.




  • Power: 70?/100
  • Colour: Green
  • Type: Healing
  • Manifestation: Healing
  • Preferred hand: Both

No one knows how but Nia does have some powers, Green:Healing. She uses single colour magic which is sourced in positive emotions the more she cares for someone the more effective it is. Her magic is very powerful and useful, she has good control.

Her type of magic comes more than naturally and is perfect for her, she can use it with her eyes closed. She never needed teaching and is always growing and learning.


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