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NameAlbrightKnown AsBright
PronounsAny, defaults to he/himHeight6'5" from hoof to head
BuildLean, nearing muscularSkinWhite
EyesMulticoloredHairPale yellow
AlignmentChaotic GoodRoleMagus, healer
OrientationPanromantic, asexualStatusUnmated

"Flight only provides so much freedom."


  • Helping others
  • Hand-weaving (any kind of material)
  • Nature, particularly trees and flowers
  • His parents


  • Hunters, sometimes scientists
  • Loneliness that comes from his rarity
  • ...His parents
  • Responsibility/commitment



Jovial Giving Open Naive Weak Immature

Bright is a creature with good intentions, but it is true that most of this is through his species' predetermined nature. Sometimes, he can be awfully selfish, but even in these moments, he still has it in him to give to others, whatever it is they may ask of him, if their need appears greater.

By humanoid conventions, no one would call Bright a lazybones, but as far as Alicorns are concerned, he has them all beat. He will do what he must, but only if he must... Or if his parents bid him to do so.

Since it isn't too common for him to run into non-flight humanoids, he treats the non-weapon-wielding ones with open arms, even if he'd rather be resting up in hidden mountaintops, or wandering in deep woods. It is a mixture of pure stupidity and bravery in his decisions of who has good intentions (and rarely is he correct in his judgments).
This isn't to say he's a sweet, kind, charming man; in fact, he'll be the first to admit his shortcomings and his impulsive desires... But... In a sense, this attitude is seen as honest, and in an Alicorn, is treated reverently (which Bright is not going to complain about).

His family may be the only stability he feels comfortable with. He is prone to accepting a heavy burden, only to be the first to flee when the going gets rough (or when he feels inadequate, as few and far between as that feeling may be). He might be magnanimous, but only within what he feels is his means.


Alicorns, like other flying creatures, were bestowed upon the land by a righteous, rigid pantheon of Gods. Their existence is to bring balance between naturally cruel creatures (this is the Gods' explanation) which means that, in nature's intention, Alicorns have it in them to want to heal and help those around them.

Since Alicorns cannot die by aging, it is considered a rare thing indeed when a mated pair can conceive-- the birthrate is low, and when one Alicorn dies, only then do the Gods allow the birth of another.
Bright is the only child between a mated pair of an Elf and an Alicorn-- while these creatures have to leave their children behind at a young age to instill survival tactics, Bright's parents were a little unsure of how to approach this rare hybrid taur, and instead, guided him through childhood by his side. Even today in his adulthood, he is still a little... Spoiled, on their affections and nurturing actions.

Alicorns are a rare sight, so it was, and has been, difficult for the Elven parent to keep their loved ones under wraps on the surface of the lands. Oftentimes, Bright did have to go his own way and survive. However, the biggest threat, even in his life now, are hunters, and to some extent, scientists.
It is not that one can never see an Alicorn, but as humanity has grown into a more curious society, it seems that there is no sense of dignity or respect for 'free' creatures such as they. Bright is especially an anomaly, both in the eyes of humanoids, and in equines-- for all of his life he may be coveted, even when he does his best to meet everyone halfway, and cooperate with them where possible.



Charisma 70%

Kindness 85%

Temper 80%

Integrity 95%

Courage 90%

Humor 100%


Attack 15%

Defense 30%

Magic 95%

Resistance 40%

Speed 80%

Stamina 85%


Appeal 85%

Confidence 90%

Intellect 45%

Manners 30%

Optimism 100%

Luck 85%




Overflowing with magic power, Bright is unable to control it at a base level and leaves behind magic-enchanted air. It is visible along his horn and his hooves. The enchantments have a strange feeling compared to the untouched air nearby; it is akin to a static charge in intensity.
When actively using this skill, Bright can bestow a 'lighter than air' floating feeling-- and if the person is small enough (as in height: under four feet), there is a good chance the enchantment will allow actual floating.
These natural enchantments are what help Bright stay airborne, as his wings are quite small for an Alicorn..!


Easily the strongest skill he can properly use. Bright is capable of mending bones, repairing torn ligaments, even dissolving punctures (internal and external) and stopping blood-loss. Yes, Bright has a lot of practice with healing, often running into injured humanoids, or treating himself after being hunted.

Alicorn's blood

Do not believe the rumors of drinking the blood of a murdered Alicorn (or any other enchanted equine, for that matter). Though Bright's blood does have healing properties, this has less to do with his species, and more to do with his magic powers. Drops of his blood can, at the most, be a salve for burns or infections, but it isn't guaranteed.
For Bright himself, blood loss is dangerous. The blood is a mercury-like substance, only staining when the congealed liquid separates too far from its main puddle. If still congealed together, it is possible to use magics to insert it back into the bloodstream. His blood is what helps the magic energy stay trapped inside his body, what helps keep highest potency.


  • Since Bright is the only known Alicorn-taur, he has no desire to get mated, feeling outcast.
       It doesn't help that he was never sure he could consider such a heavy responsibility of 'being tied down to another'.
  • All liquids from his body (tears, sweat, blood) are multicolored, much like his eyes.
       However, only his blood has magic properties.
  • His love of weaving is easily manifested in his propensity to braid his hair where he can (it's about the only thing he doesn't get all lazy about, sometimes)...
  • His eye colors are impossible to concretely discern, sometimes seemingly changing from multiple colors- to different, full colors- right in front of others observing. [This is my permission to color them however you want! XD]

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