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Belongs to Deyan
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Name Satsuki
Nickname(s) [N/A]
Species Paralogos
Word Sargassum muticum
Maturity Elder
Gender Bigender (they/them)
OCCUPATION Phycologist & Team Leader
HEIGHT 81 cm / 2'8"
Theme [song]

Caretaker Sadaf
Masterlist #237
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Sargassum muticum: (New Latin) A large, fast-growing brown alga, also known as Japanese Wireweed or simply Sargassum. Its small, round floats allow pieces that break off from the main body to survive and disperse, sometimes forming massive floating seaweed rafts in the open ocean that are home to many types of fish and marine invertebrates. It's native to Japan, but is now a widespread invasive species.

Personality: Nurturing, Resilient, Adventurous, Overenthusiastic, Optimistic, Extroverted, Low-Empathy

Likes: Seaweed and its Inhabitants, Sunshine, Tourism

Dislikes: Rejection, Being Alone, Staying in One Place

Design Notes:

  • ALWAYS has Azuki the Japanese Skeleton Shrimp [crustacean photos in link] clinging to some part of their body!!
    • If you don't want to draw them, you can just draw their head/antennae poking out from behind Satsuki to indicate their presence
  • Very tall and lanky
  • Loooong, thin tail
  • Yellow spots and float orbs glow
  • Has strands of Sargassum muticum (a type of seaweed) trailing off their cheeks and tail, as well as clusters of leaf-like blades and floaty orbs on their wrists, elbows, and shoulder blades
    • They're seaweed, not true plants, so the blades don't have veins running through them like actual leaves
  • Can be drawn with stylized anatomy or with more realistic Parasaurolophus anatomy!

Character Notes:

  • Certified Tourist GrandparentTM
  • Very protective of the youngsters
  • Likes to wrap around them in a protective noodle nest
  • Drags everyone on elaborate, stressful vacations at every opportunity
  • Cory is the only one who likes their vacations
  • Aromantic