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Terms of Service

I reserve the right to refuse service at any time.

All transactions done through commiss.io or paypal.

General Rules & Info

  • IMPORTANT: I will not sell to anyone that is openly racist, homophobic, transphobic, or so on. This includes "radfems"/terfs, nazis/neonazis/"alt-right"ers, and other hateful groups.
    • I also refuse to sell to anyone that fetishizes any sort of minority. This includes people that use the word "tr*p", "f*ta", "l*li", "sh*ta", and so on.
  • Failure to follow my rules will result in a block and a shiny spot on my blacklist.
    • Trading any of my designs to someone on my blacklist will result in your own placement as well.
  • You may regift, trade, or resell any designs purchased from me at any time.
    • You may also order art/customs as a gift for someone.
  • I do not take designs back once they have been sold and transferred to you.

Dos & Donts


  • Be open and honest with me if there are any problems.
  • Show off your commissions/designs from me!
  • Give me a heads up if you're planning on selling/trading a design you got from me.
  • Message the phrase "fogtouched" to me to confirm you read.
  • Leave a tip if you like my work!
  • Let me know if you catch anyone breaking my rules.

Do not

  • Remove my watermarks or claim my art as your own.
  • Repost my art without permission and credit.
  • Trace, steal, or copy any of my designs or commissions.
  • Chargeback or ask for a refund once I have completed a piece for you/transferred a design to you.
  • Sell my designs for higher than the amount you paid for them + the verified price of any art commissioned of them during your ownership.
  • Transfer or sell any of my designs to anyone on my blacklist.


  • Cacti - PSA account
  • rhinestonez - snarking at me and immediately blocking

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