Seth Richards



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 Birthday Celebrates: December 15
 AgeUnknown - (Differs in AUs)
 Race Kruksen
 Gender CIS Male
 Pronouns He/Him/His
 Sexuality Bi+/Pansexual - Open
 Fae Eldritch/Incubus
 Alignment  Chaotic Neutral
 Virtue Kindness
 Vice Lust

Seth Richards


  • excitable, friendly, and playful
  • tries to be emotionally supportive to others
  • has a childish and sarcastic sense of humor: will laugh at poop jokes
  • intense emotional highs and lows
  • Doesn't like to fight or argue
  • Is either assertive and sure of himself or an absolute recluse - no in between
  • impulsive

Personality Types:

  • MTBI: ENFP-T: 
  • Temperament: Sanguine
  • Enneagram: The Peacemaker, The Enthusiast, The Loyalist
  • Holland: Creating and Persuading


  • Mental issues:  PTSD, depression, borderline personality disorder, anxiety, memory loss issues
  • Physical: Epilepsy (focal and grand-mal), dust allergies, has difficulty eating solid foods
  • Medication: takes medication for stress, nightmares, and epilepsy 
  • Addictions: addicted to Ambrosia (in-world narcotic) and alcohol


  • Has multiple partners
  • Turn-Ons/Fetishes/Kinks: Only discoverable through adult RP.
  • carries a small bag with a pen and paper and scribbles 
  • will change topic of conversation if his history is brought up
  • Birth Name: Fawr'goee
  • right handed
  • Is really damned clumsy for a fae, or just in general unless he's in "the zone" - like singing or dancing
  • Kinesthetic learner


  • music: listening and singing
  • writing
  • napping
  • playing in the snow
  • swimming


  • children
  • bad/strong smells



 Height 6' 6.5'' / 199 cm
 Build ectomorph
 Skin Tone: very pale
 Eyes slit pupils - amber irises
 Hair Color brown
 Hair Style short in back, medium bangs, long in front of ears
 Tattoos: none
 Scars: back of neck 


  • Formal: various suits, including vests; ties; nice watches; high fashion
  • Escort work: Anything the client asks for, but enjoys wearing corsets, leather, fishnets, lace
  • Performing with band: stark neons and punk styles
  • Jewelry: likes to wear watches
  • Grooming: well-kept
  • Shoe Size: 13 US
  • Piercings (always): tongue, left eyebrow, labret, 0g lobes, industrials in both ears bellybutton, ampallang (nsfw), Jacob's ladder w/4-5 "rungs" (nsfw), nipples, 
  • Piercings (optional): lip rings (snakebites), more earrings, bridge, lorum (nsfw), perineum (nsfw), foreskin (nsfw)


  • Unable to grow facial hair
  • has light body hair
  • eyes are slit like a cat eyes and can change to a brighter color when emotional
  • six inch long tongue
  • Shark like teeth


Birthplace: somewhere in the Appalachian Wilds

Current Residence: Hempstead, Long Island - Empire State of the Empire Region - Empire Region Clan apartments

The rest of this information can be discovered through RP if desired. It contains a lot of world building information that I do need to work on rewriting.



  • continue arcane education
  • for it safe for fae to be made known to mundane society without repercussion
  • be able to eat normal food while in mundane form
  • to live life to its fullest


 Colors dark blues & purples
 Animals bees, cats, jellyfish
 Foods: sashimi & cheesecake
 Places: museums, uni, beach 
 Flavors: sweet cream, strawberry, cocoa
 Drinks: Old Fashioned & sarsaparilla  
 Music: punk, pop, & rock
 Sports: basketball  
 Hobbies: reading, writing, gaming  


  • ghosts
  • nightmares
  • the thought of being possessed
  • tight spaces
  • mental and emotional manipulation
  • ghosts
  • imprisonment 
  • ghosts

Skills, Talents, & Abilities


Decent at practical chemistry, which assists with  mixology
Finds humor in most things and can lighten the mood
Forgiving & kind
Climbing (especially in ahmnive form)

Talented musician even without using bardic magic

  • Singing (has a wide vocal range)
  • guitar
  • harmonica
  • learning violin (and by extent, the fiddle)

Magic (d20 info as of now, will redo)


Suggestion, Inspire Courage, Lullaby, Summon Instrument, Charm Person, Calm Emotions, Enthrall

Alter Auditory Sound, Audiovisual Hallucination, Dancing Lights, Color Spray, Dim, Darkness, Prestidigitation, False Vision, Shadowstep

Air Geyser,  Ball of Frost, Creeping Ice, Diamond Spray, Ice Chains, Ray of Frost, Ice Claws, Slick,

Race: Kruksen

  • Kruksen: Hesdani (humanoid form):
    • Ability to see in almost complete darkness
    • Farsighted
    • Strong sense of smell
    • Can purr like a cat - doesn't always have control of it (all forms)
    • All individuals of this race are natural shapeshifters
    • Teeth fall out and are replaced naturally
  • Kruksen: Ahmnive (animal form)
    • All Kruksen are shapeshifters and should have an ahmnive form. The physical traits differ from Kruksen to Kruksen. Below are traits that all ahmnive have:
    • quadrupedal
    • venomous pincers
    • very sensitive 'nubs' along the lower torso that are used to sense heat and vibrations
    • powerful senses (vision, hearing, scent)
    • Farsighted
    • VERY long tongue
    • Speech no longer possible, but they do make vocal sounds, like purrs, barks, howls, etc.
    • Antlers/Horns, Tails & ears vary greatly (can have two sets of ears and horns)
    • dragon-like paws with claws - forefinger has an opposable thumb
    • Tail
    • Furry/Fluffy
      Seth's physical specifics for this form:
    • quadrupedal (3.5ft at shoulders - but stands 8-10 ft on hind legs)
    • long primary ears, smaller sub ears
    • two sets of horns/antlers
    • long prehensile tail
    • brown and tan fur with darker strips and spots
    • inhibitions take a nose-dive and Seth just puppy-fies. You see that snow? That snow is going to be jumped in without a second thought. 

Fae Forms & abilities

Shoggoth/Eldritch Form
  • >about 18' long, but "stands" about 8'0", not including the antlers
  • very blue many blue
  • two sets of horns - one smaller and one antler-like, they can glow
  • two sets of ears
  • scutes on sides
  • spike on elbows
  • clawed hands
  • tentacles on back can shift and multiply (not always in control of this, but there are normally four)
  • three sets of flippers on each side
  • a pair of small tentacles in front of ears
  • large tentacles for bottom half
  • mental abilities and thoughts waver, as does sanity
  • Ability to breath underwater
  • Cannot taste salt
  • 7'2" tall
  • large set of wings but can't fly
  • two sets of horns
  • longer ears
  • scutes/scales on extremities, sides, and back
  • large tail
  • blue!
  • can only transform for a short time of own accord (longer with a conduit, like a stronger fae)
  • 5'0"
  • cute af
  • breasts
  • physically very weak, but dexterous
  • intersex or female
  • smaller horns, wings, tail, and claws
  • magic and bardic abilities enhanced
  • can only transform for a short time of own accord (longer with a conduit, like a stronger fae)

Languages Known:

  • Common/English
  • Kruks/Kruksen
  • common sign language (ASL)
  • R'lyeh


  • emotionally and physically sensitive
  • tires easily
  • incredibly weak to fire magic and heat
  • weak to mental manipulation and enchanter school spells
  • is only agile in specific situations
  • prone to go into seizures under immense duress
  • incredibly weak to holy water
  • cannot always control form changes
  • Farsighted in all forms
  • Theoretical sciences and maths are hard - must be useable, tangible
  • impulsive
  • materialistic and somewhat of hoarder (not filth, just stuff)
  • bad memory


Plushies[ effect ]

Seth's been collecting plushies for as long as he can remember. 

Item [ effect ]


Item [ effect ]


Item [ effect ]



Empire City Region: Member

Seth is a 'member' of the Empire Region Clan. He lives in an apartment building for other fae, and has a one bedroom apartment to himself. The building has a pool in the basement. 

Element Night club

Seth is a part-time employee at "Element Night Club" as an escort, dancer, and mixologist. He was convinced/forced to work their to literally feed himself magically. 


Seth was enrolled as a student at Hempstead University. He played on the basketball team.

21st Century: Band

Seth is the singer of a very casual cover band. The music is from bits and pieces of the old world.

ELDRITCH allegiance

Not quiet willingly, or entirely known by Seth. 


Spouse, Lover, & Best friend

Willa Grey

Still not sure if going to be in the same prime world or not - gotta work this out lore wise



Beezebubble is Seth's eidolon and friend. Beezebubble only really speaks to Seth and in R'lyeh.


Prince Caledon

Prince Cal is the leader of the Empire Region Clan and saved Seth from a BAD TIME. His actions are not altruistic, despite how they seem. His end goals are unknown. 



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