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Alucard, the knight of darkness
Age Ageless (Physically 20)
Build Slim
Species Demon (Familiar)
Gender Male
Orientation Straight
Pronouns He/Him
Occupation Knight
Creator Historia
Theme song
Design Notes

  • Alucard isn’t a cyclops, but he’s missing an eye. Also, he does not have a visible mouth/nose, though he can speak through telepathy.
  • Cape and magic auras are optional.
  • He is depicted as armless, but he can still hold things.
  • He shouldn’t look 100% human.
Personality + Magic/Abilities

Alucard is a calm and reserved familiar. He is known for playing rock, paper, and scissors with his enemies via his magic spells. No matter what, he refuses to back down whenever he fights. Alucard doesn’t talk very often, but he always remained attentive to certain discussions he’s interested in. He is somewhat more relaxed when he is around with women, but nevertheless, he is sometimes attracted to people of the opposite gender.

Alucard does spend the rest of his time outside of home. He is often seen playing around with his magic abilities, but usually with the power of paper activated. He sees humans as playthings, and sometimes, he tends to play around with birds.

As Alucard is known to wield magic powers, his magic abilities appear as followed:

Rock (Represented as green): With the power of rock, he has a rock pillar aura behind him, and with it, he can summon waves of golems in front of him, and strength varies on it.

Paper (Represented as red): The aura is an origami frog (Originally a crane, but I thought doing a frog would be much easier), and with it, he can wield a sharp, paper katana, and use it as somewhat his weapon. In addition, he can also use the power of paper to summon origami animals, such as cranes and of course frogs.

Scissors (Represented as blue): Probably the strongest of the three powers, he gains sharp wings that are said to slice his enemies in bits and pieces, and he may also use them as a sword.


  • Alucard never eats. Therefore, his only will of survival is to avoid getting stabbed in the heart, and he can only die once stabbed.
  • If one were to leave a scratch on Alucard’s body, then the scratch would simply close itself.
  • All of his magic powers are inspired by the game, Rock-Paper-Scissors.
  • Alucard has insomnia, and never sleeps.
  • The way his hair is tied makes children think that it is a paintbrush, but in fact, it’s not.

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Alucard was probably created around the time rock paper scissors was invented. Nothing else is known about it.