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  • Ji-hyo Merryweather

  • Talent Children's Counsellor
  • pronouns He/him
  • age 20
  • height 5'5"
  • playlist

Friendly • Parental • Enthusiastic


Cheery and restless, Ji-hyo isn’t one to let his arguably poor health get him down. Ji-hyo is extroverted and eager to please when surrounded by people, and he aspires to have fun while making as many friends as possible. He doesn't struggle to jump in and join the fun when he’s surrounded by others, though despite this he can get particularly shy- Ji-hyo isn’t entirely confident in his own antics once the party has calmed down. He values self care as much as having fun, and makes sure to ward off things that stress him out before they defeat him.

Often called the “dad friend”, Ji-hyo tends to play up his enthusiasm even when he’s tired, ensuring his own feelings don’t get others down while he’s looking out for them. Like a parent, he's observant of peoples needs, and cares greatly for others wellbeing over his own- Ji-hyo is always ready to appear at a moment's notice with a bandaid to patch up anyone who needs it, and snacks to cheer them up afterwards!

height 5'5"

build D1

pronouns He/him

orientation Bi, masc lean

dob 18/09/1983

sign Virgo/Libra cusp

ethnicity South Korean

occupation School Counsellor


Ji-hyo is downright lanky, with a slight frame, and stands around 5’5” tall when he's not using his wheelchair.
He's ever so slightly pigeon-toed, and Ji tends to lean to whichever side he’s using his walking stick with on the current day- though in recent months he’s taken to using his wheelchair more often. Ji-hyo’s hands are often cold to the touch and buried in his warm pockets; thus hiding his painted nails, which are kept short and a warm burgundy color.

His face is soft and characteristically described as being heart shaped- with wide cheeks and a rounded but defined chin. Ji-hyo's complexion is pale, with monolid eyes that are strikingly pale blue.
Freckles cover Ji-hyo's face, and much of his body. He’s sensitive to the sun, and so is oftentimes red faced simply from running an errand or two! To counter this, Ji-hyo wears sunscreen almost all the time.

Due to a slight overbite, Ji-hyo’s canines stick out ever so slightly even when his mouth is closed. Though not visible behind his hair, Ji-hyo has numerous piercings in both of his ears. Chestnut brown hair reaches Ji-hyo’s mid back, and his hair is mostly straight despite how it curls and frizzes in the rain or from being fussed with.
He dresses well, if like the scruffy young man he is, and typically keeps his jacket on even in hot weather. The jacket’s pretty worn looking; but never outright dirty- clearly well loved. Under the parka which he’s adamant to keep on, Ji’s sweater is oversized and slightly distressed. The burgundy sweater seems to be older than he is. Well worn in, dark blue jeans and tartan Vans complete his day to day outfit. Notably, he also wears a cross necklace at all times.




Jacket 2


Public Backstory

Ji-hyo may be an ultimate, but he’s so often found hanging around online on forums and video games that to the members of the communities he’s active in, he’s so familiar he’s become mediocre. He received his official title through the South Korean branch of the Ultimate Students Program, and not much is known about his life before he moved to England to study and improve his talent in an environment out of the eyes of the press. It’s been theorised he moved to hide something, and theories about why he moved span from wanting to hide buying his way into ultimate status to needing to move to England for specific medical treatment. He’s occasionally been known to joke about why he moved; each reason being more impossible and silly than the last. Qualified to work with those up to 18 years old, Ji-hyo’s been working at a private school in England for several years.

Talent Acquisition

Despite his shyness, as a teenager Ji-hyo became involved in the school's student board with the initial goal of getting his father off his back about not trying hard enough at school. Running for the student board was easy- if only because hardly anyone wanted to- and he set his goal on improving the minimal and insufficient mental health support offered to the student body. When the school was uninterested in what he was petitioning for, Ji-hyo took it upon himself to set up a program unofficially on his own.

Soon after introducing the program, it was clear the counselling Ji-hyo was offering despite his lack of formal education was a huge success- plenty of people typically just wanted someone to talk to; and Ji was happy to oblige to give these people the listening ear they needed. His work at the school was recognised by the local newspaper within several months, just after his 16th birthday, and after an interview with them gained the attention of the South Korean branch of Hopes Peak Academy. It wasn't often someone was offered a title without any formal training, but in 1999 Ji-hyo was named the Ultimate Counsellor, and invited into further private study at a Korean branch of the prestigious Hope's Peak Academy to hone his talent.

When his talent was eventually re-evaluated after he became accredited as a qualified counsellor, his title was modified slightly to make him the SHSL Children's Counsellor.


  • Speaks Korean, Japanese, and English
  • Uses a wheelchair or cane
  • Longsighted
  • He used to dye his hair bright green:)


  • Comfy things
  • His siblings
  • Bunnies
  • Hugs:)


  • ???
  • Water
  • Heights
  • The cold

Dr. Masfield

[ Adoptive father ] A teacher from Norfolk, England, who adopted Ji-hyo as a teenager.

Dr. Simon Masfield is just your typical school teacher. As the former Ultimate Historian, Dr. Masfield is a semi retired widower who has opted to use much of the money he's amassed on chareties supporting children within London and the East of England.

Finley Masfield

[ Younger brother ] One of the twins already living with the Dr. when Ji-hyo came to live with them. The 'older' of the twins!

Finley is the Li'l Ultimate Petsitter, and spent a summer working hard with his dad to convert the old bungalow on their property into a safe area for Finny to care for animals. He also raises chickens and alpacas!

Mara Masfield

[ Younger sister ] Finey's twin sister, also adopted by the Dr. before Ji-hyo moved in. The 'younger' of the twins!

Mara is the Li'l Ultimate Archer, and has been obsessed with Robin Hood and archery since she was a toddler- her collection of bows spans from plastic and foam toy ones to historical longbows and decorative historical artefacts.

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