Enzo, The Notochice King



1 year, 27 days ago


Species: Notochice King

Diet: Honey that her people make and meat

Height: He's 10 feet tall.

Lifespan: usually live up 70-80 years.

Powers: lift things three times it's own size and a dangerous venom in his scorpion like tail.

Personality: flamboyant, fast learner, can be dramatic, and loyal to his hive.

Lifestyle of a Notochice King: They are normally born before the Notochice Queen, to act as ruler untill the queen has matured and is ready to take charge. Once the queen has matured, they will act as their proctor and lover till the day they die. While the queen can leave the hive to do things, the king will stay behind and make sure that the hive is functioning as it should be. Each king carries a staff that they have made themselves. These staffs can be made from wood, bone, or whatever other materials they like and see fit. From there, with their claws they will carve out images into the staff. Images of the nearby area, threats, and prey. 

If for any reason a rouge king notochice comes along. The two kings will challenge each other to battle. The battle starts with a show of their red crest on their chest. Who's crest is the largest is usually the stronger. This will be the safest chance to back down. But if the smaller one still wishes to continue, then they will be in a fight to the death, or till the other one flees for his life. If the rouge king wins, the former king is either killed or exiled and will take the queen as his own.