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Lance is very kind, despite his rough outgoing exterior. He's smart, kind and friendly usually, and would do his best not to hurt anyone, as hard as it is in his line of work. He is still incredibly sly, however, which is simply in his nature. He's what's known as a Cryptid, one of many strange creatures to pop up around the world. Lance stands at around 5'10, but his lean figure is pretty misleading. Despite his small stature, Lance is incredibly strong, and can even fight incredibly well, not that he would with most people. Despite this, he is an incredibly protective person of those weaker than him, and will go from lawful good to chaotic evil within seconds if you harm anyone he's cared about before. Don't let his dull yellow eyes decieve you; he's as sneaky as a snake and will slither away and hide at the slightest danger, unless you are in his good books. It takes a while for him to warm up to people, and before he does, he's usually rude and intimidating outwardly. He carries a gun, but he probably wouldn't use it even if it came down to it. He is more old-fashioned, tending to use something a little more physical if he needs to get a job done, says that "If you want to kill someone badly enough to go through with it, it must be personal. So I like to make it personal." He's easily intimidated, though, and hasn't had the best life, leading to him being skittish around people he doesn't know. He doesn't talk much, tends to just let his actions speak for him. Some people that have known him for years haven't heard him speak before. He's probably one of the best in his line of work, being able to get his point across quickly, clean up well if necessary, and get out quick.