Somnia (Aestrolos)



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Welcome to Faction fortuna

About Faction Fortuna

Fortuna is the perfect faction for the intuitive and feeling types and are known for their empathy, diplomatic skills, and passionate idealism. Somnia is a typical representation of a fortuna.

Please check the Guild Base on how to apply to this faction.

About The Guild

The guild is a place where all Aestrolos come together, to feast, to make friends or to battle. There are group and solo missions that players can take and challenge themselves. The Guild will host tournaments for players to challenge their comrades and prove their battle strength.

Within the guild there are four joinable Factions. Members can apply to any Faction that appeals the most to them.

The guild itself is located in the heart of the Nucleus, the nucleus is a hidden infinite universe. Nucleus can also be described as a gateway or warp-hole to all parallel universes. Aestrolos can gain access to the Nucleus by applying to the faction leaders.

The Nucleus world is a world beyond imagination, because of it’s size and constant changing environments, different kinds of galaxy, planets, materials, plants and living beings can still be discovered.

The title of your npc

Name somnia

Age 2 billion years

Height 6 ft | 1.8 m

Build Meso-Endomorph

Species Aestrolos

Rarity Mythical

Astronomy Starburst Galaxy

Animal Rabbit


R - Animal Legs
R - 1 Energy gem
R - 4 eyes
U - 2 Galaxy Rings
U - Galaxy Ring on ears
U - Galaxy legs
U - Galaxy Ears
M - Galaxy Hair


Role Founder

Faction Leader Fortuna

Class Space Mage

Equipment Book and Dagger


Somnia oozes creative imagination and brilliant ideas from every pore. She has a different, frequently profound, way of looking at the world that is not always understood by many, she likes to live more in her own imagination than the real world. Somnia usually tries to connect with everyone despite their varying backgrounds and personalities, she is effortlessly social and likes to interact with others. This desire to make others happy usually results in popularity for her.

For her intuition and feelings are a very important matter, she is typically sympathetic and concerned for the well-being of others.

cheerful creative sympathetic headstrong


Master of space and time passive

Each time Somnia deals damage to an enemy, the enemy is slowed down for 5 seconds.

Starchain offense

Somnia cast chain damage that bounces to 4 enemies near by.

Astralshield defense

Somnia cast a shield onto herself and the nearest ally, that holds 100 damage. If the shield is broken, damage is dealt to the attacker.

Starburst ultimate

Somnia cast a field of galaxy caging everyone in the field, Somnia can control time in this field. The effect last for 60 seconds.



relationship type

Somnia's beloved disciple. "I might be little older than you, but please call me big sister."



relationship type

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relationship type

Relationship's description

Do you need a guide, my little spirit? Somnia