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A old great witch from Maclura.
          •95 years, male

•One of the four great witches of Maclura, with Shanty Banshee, Daibaki and Parachie.
•Is using his glass sphere to 'browse' in some kind of magical 'internet'. He mostly got his spells and knowledge noted in there, but no one understands how to use his sphere. Is also able to predict the future with his sphere. He's also able to see memorys in his sphere.
•If you'd destroy his sphere, he can just replace it, with all his notes saved.
•He is one of that old people who talk like 'hip teens', with actually being cool, since he doesnt care about anything and just hates on everyone.
•He is some kind of rabbit.
•He doesnt have any eyes, his head seems to be empty and tends to look decayed inside.
•He likes to wear gold, but wears old ragged clothes beneath it.
•Is very likely just being kept alive with help of Shanty's kapesha.
•Siobhan can't reach the awakening mode.
•He actually is responsible for keeping knowledge of Kapunga and their world, but since he's the only one who can use the sphere, it doesnt really work out. Siobhan is close to death and only kept alive by Shanty, who tried to get all of the information Siobhan is keeping to hisself. He is a big trouble, since he is too stubborn to listen or work with the other Maclurans. He would've been dead already, if Shanty wouldnt keep him alive, but she can't risk to loose him and with him, all of the information.
•He has been kept alive for 3 years now.
•Because of him still being alive, no one else can replace Siobhan's position as a great witch. This is causing more and more trouble.