1 year, 6 months ago


sen is the father of carmen and captain, formerly having very heavy Dad Vibes but now he's just kind of an occasional dick

  • doll with ceramic hands/feet/skull-- his body is just stitched near-white fabric, with a few little sewn-up patch jobs from prior injuries
  • basically running the real-world equivalent of a minecraft server and he is one of two bastards with eternal creative mode
  • can clone people and make them into puppets for his own amusement
  • can manipulate the world around him with floating screens that display code and data
  • was a recovering alcoholic, key word being "was"
  • smokes clove cigarettes when stressed
  • very orange/blue coded; tongue goes from orange to blue, his cheeks will flush opposite colors
  • married to symbol

his body is like. imagine like when you strip down a cloth doll and it's just squishy fabric underneath but its got a plastic face and hands. that's it. that's him. if he's running low on energy, his fabric will deteriorate and fall apart, revealing the Secret Ceramic Bones