Ixora (also goes by Ixy)
29 | May 29

6’-1” (185.4 cm)
167 lbs (75.8 kg)
Eyes: Maroon/orange with glowing lily-shaped pupils, angled and almond-shaped
Hair: Magenta, waist-high, often tied in some way. She likes to curl her hair sometimes.
Status: Single
Species: Annie
- Rarity: Super Rare
- Blessings: Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus undatus) | Natal Lily (Crinum moorei) | Common Olive WIng Butterfly (Nessaea aglaura)
Adopted from Rosuuri and Yamio © 2019
Co-owned with rollingpoly

Personality: A woman pursuing romantic companionship and family, but constantly thwarted by her intense, alpha bitch personality. This extends to mostly males; she has excellent manners and a big sister compassion towards taking care of others, with the flaw of being a bit too obedient to family.
Likes: Her family, clothes and garments, picking outfits, exploring, seeing the world
Dislikes: Dysfunction, lack of attention, males without confidence, her personality towards men
Hobbies: Caring for Lena, judging others' fashion sense, figuring out outfit ideas for others
Habits: Smells clothes she's interested in, walks like a runway model when around people, retorts at every male who compliments her

Fashion: Anything fancy and elegant, but also likes provocative, anything with interesting patterns, lace
Favorite Colors: All shades of pink, green, and orange

Past: Grew up in a strict, elite family. Her last 2 blessings arrived as a surprise, and her parents sent her to various schools to attune them. When she came back, her sisters were gone and her parents asked to seek them. She now mostly travels.
Occupation: Was thrust into a modeling career, but found her calling as a caregiver for another Annie and balances both.

Fir | Vitriolic Friends
Deeply respects and needs to rely on her integrity and skills,  but they often come to butt heads over their approaches to problems.

Vivian | Friends
Initially connected in her search for her sisters, they developed a closer bond over their guardianship of Lena.

Lena | Foster Child
Her helplessness tugged her heartstrings, and Lena doesn’t mind her attitude. She’s taken on the task of taking care of her in her spare time.

Chantal © rollingpoly | Best Friends
Her attempts at finding romance has sparked an endless drive from Chantal to help her realize her wishes. Through these misadventures, they became very close.

Esperanza © Caeldea | Sisters
Close when they were kids but went missing later, she seeks her now without knowing that she's already met her, and that Esper resents her.

Luella © Lanahx3 & rollingpoly | Sisters
Her baby sister, Ixy doesn’t know her too well because they grew up with an age difference, but some envy stems from her because Lua wasn’t raised as strictly as she was.

- A true Yamato Nadeshiko, but suffers from Christmas cake syndrome.
- Has an alpha bitch personality because it worked as a great defense mechanism against everyone who hit on her when she was younger. Old habits die hard.
- Has a suitor in every town she travels to. Turns them all down and has yet to find a man who’s mentally strong enough to handle her. Makes a great trophy wife.
- Her parents are both alive and well, and she talks with them often.
- Despite her upbringing, trying on lingerie and provocative outfits is her guilty pleasure.
- Her family is elite and wealthy, but she’s not entirely aware of the status symbol her rarity carries within it.
- Judges people by what they wear.