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Basic Info




Patchey, Patch


Physically 17


June 10






5'7 / 170cm



Patches is a vampire cowboy who lives in a silent, western town. He could be quite dense since he is also quite active in the day, which results him to being hurt a lot. Though luckily, he has the persistence and sturdiness of a cockroach, as he is given a lot of near death experiences but still manage to be alive.

As a safety precaution so he won't dehydrate or die easily by the day, he always carries a blood pack by his lasso holder where he also puts the wires of the pack.

Rather than a coffin, he sleeps inside a barrel at fetal position


Patches, like a lot of vampires, was born in a prideful aristocratic family. His family consisted of a father, a mother, and two elder siblings. Patches was raised to follow strict rules, and was blackmailed if he does not ever follow them. With this, he grew very distant from his family, and the fact that his family is rarely home hurt him even more. In order to spend his time being sealed inside their mansion, Patches mostly read storybooks and visualize the outside world, growing a great interest towards it. He loved the concept of freedom in the outside world, and continued to admire it that he asked his family if they could ever have a picnic outside.

Patches grew detached from that point, starting to think how he would be without them. Now that he was on his teens, he was forced on growing up, which overwhelms him a whole lot, as his bits of respect and love towards his family shatter slowly. This kept on, until his childhood dream of freedom suddenly clicked.

It would be nice if he were to own a world like that...

The day after he lost it, he ran away from his family. He left on a bright sunny day where his family would have a hard time catching up with him, although he as well had a tough ordeal trying to go through the sun. There were a few people that tried to help him, but his past with his family has made him distance to people and instead used them as his blood supply. This routine has repeated, until he reached a fiery town that often had duels between gunners. This lit something inside his heart: they were free and passionate of whatever they do. Patches decided to become one of them.

As Patches became 17 in vampire years, he decided to be a gunner and participate in duels as well. A lot underestimated Patches at first knowing that the sun is one of his strongest weaknesses, which puts him in a huge disadvantage. However, his keen senses made him win one of his duels, where the deal is he'll visit the loser's house. As soon as he visited the their home, he took his blood and manipulated them into weakening a lot of members so he could have more easy prey. He as well used his family members as his puppets, until they lost all their blood and became mindless ghouls. After this went on, he successfully invaded a whole town by himself.


In actuality, the cause for his family's extra strict training on him was because they used to be humans, but they were suddenly attacked by vampires. Luckily, they did survive by revival, though there were two other children that failed to revive, and they died for good.

Years after this incident, Patches was born when they were turned to vampires, promising that he would be carefully raised that no danger would land upon him, which gave him a restrictive life that never made him happy.

As a result, his whole family is grieving for his disappearance and posted a lot of 'Wanted!' Posters. It was harder for them to find him since vampires will not appear on photographs, so they badly drew him on the posters they posted. The bounty was "eternal appreciation and gratitude from the bottom of our hearts because you made a grieving fa arrested a destructive vampire from his rampage. If found, please dial 000-XXX-000."


Being the rebellious teen he is, Patches has little to no consideration of other's thoughts, especially to those older than he is. He is quite distant from anyone and he will rarely to never open up, even to those who were virtuous to him. He just views his fellows as anyone who can contribute to his wild conspiracies.


Although Patches may be belittled on due to him being some stupid rascal, he is actually quite dangerous if he's approached without precaution.

Patches posseses abilities that any classic vampire could have. He has enhanced senses, which could help him sense potential danger and avoid it in advanced. He also has a great eyesight, which is why he has a pretty high accuracy and attacks by sniping.

However, that's not exactly the reason why Patches could be a threat. He can hypnotize and manipulate the minds of any human he drinks blood from, which he makes them do tasks until their body couldn't take it, finishing them off and revive them into ghouls and zombies. He first does it with people that loses in his duels, then affect their loved ones next. With this, he owns an entire town.


He is a gunner that specializes in stealth, speed, and some psychic abilities. So if you'll approach him with brute force, it may not be the best.