Avery (Avery (DMC series))



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A VERY AVERY is typing...

Name Avery
Nicknames Brat / Creature
Age Late 20s (assumed)
DoB 03rd August
Gender Female (she/her)
Height 180cm / 5'11"
Species Hybrid Shapeshifter
Ratio 3/4 Demon, 1/4 Human (assumed)
Origin The Demon World
Occupation Devil Hunter
Element Lightning
Flower Yellow Gladiolus

A VERY AVERY is typing...
A: bitvh come doiwnnhere andfight me yoirsrlf
V: I will not.
A: spoildport
A: jrrk

wip?? >>> Avery was a surprising survivor in from a long line of failed experiments to create hybrids. Unclear as to how she, as a small child, managed to escape Mundus's grasp unnoticed, but she spent that time scavenging for survival in her youth. Ever since she found Vergil dying in the Demon World, she has been a constant and stubborn companion to him, despite his inital efforts to chase the hybrid away. Over the long years of careful care and navigating in the Demon World, she helps him escape into the Human World and hasn't returned to her home world since.
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