Athena Aucoin



2 years, 3 months ago


Minor character in Trashland

  • default age is 28
  • 5'8"
  • could probably learn how to drive any type of vehicle in a short amount of time
  • she was actually created because I drew a Trashland panel and needed someone to be driving a dorito (spaceship, plane/car hybrid type thing) and I was like well she looks cool I'll name her etc
  • dyes her hair a different pastel colour every once in a while but favours pale blue
  • understands Cajun perfectly and can put on a Cajun accent with ease
  • trying to learn Quebec sign language (as well as American sign language) but it's SO HARD. she understands the signs when she sees them but doing them herself is somehow far more difficult
  • is a lesbian
  • keeps a list of states/provinces/countries she's seen license plates from. has seen hawaii and wyoming but never seen a west virginia somehow. hell she's even seen a yukon