Martin Howlader



2 years, 2 months ago


Minor character in Trashland, humanised and re-purposed Star Guys character.

  • default age is 39
  • 6'3"
  • Indian mother and British father
  • was raised Hindu but now considers himself non-religious
  • has long believed that academia is the only thing he can show his worth through
  • but every time he has to take a formal exam or write a paper it takes many many many many many attempts
  • spent much of him time as Rank 1/2/3 in the Platinum Army making internet pop up ads and selling stuff, before getting his two degrees at Rank 4
  • one of those degrees is in anthropology, will not tell anyone that the other is in creative writing
  • will also not tell anybody that he loves specifically BAD fiction. especially bad romance novels. especially bad romance novels about supernatural beings.
  • despite being really uptight and serious, he is drawn to people who are very optimistic and outgoing
  • functions much better at night, would be nocturnal if it were more socially acceptable
  • very vocal about hating "idiots" - though he does wish he could be more carefree like they are
  • is gay