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Polaire Montblanc

beauty, grace, and a pie to the face

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  • Name: Polaire Myrtille Montblanc
    • Alias: The Confectionnaire
  • Species: Bunbat
  • Ethnicity: N/A
  • Birthday: December 28
  • Age: 16
  • Gender: Cis female
  • Pronouns: She / her
  • Orientation: Lesbian
  • Profession(s):
    • Student at Agatha Academy
    • Employee at the Beary Sweet Bakery
    • Magical Girl


  • Skin: Fair, w/ a cool undertone
  • Hair: Rich, dark brown (w/ light brown highlights); corkscrew curls; falls past her shoulder blades
  • Eyes: Sky blue (w/ star-shaped pupils that are a few shades darker)
  • Fur: Rich, dark brown
  • Height: 5' 1" / 155 cm
  • Build: Chubby, top-heavy
  • Other Characteristics:
    • Has large, bat-shaped ears on the top of her head
    • Has tiny, dark brown, bat-like wings on her back

their transformed appearance is the same as above, except…

  • Hair: Ice blue w/ sky blue accents, separated into hair drill pigtails, reaches her waist
  • Eyes: Lavender


  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Enneagram: 8w9 (social variant)
  • Jung / MBTI: ENFJ-T
  • SLOAN: aaa
  • Temperament: aaa
  • Zodiac: aaa
  • Positive Traits: aaa
  • Neutral Traits: aaa
  • Negative Traits: aaa


Polaire is the quintessential Type A personality β€” impulsive, outgoing, ambitious, competitive... the list goes on. She is a high-strung go-getter, with the organized planners and color-coded notes to prove it. When there is something she wants she's aggressive about it, and will go after it with a ruthless, single-minded focus. This crosses over to how she relentlessly showers her loved ones with affection, to the point where she comes off as smothering. She's intensely loyal and justice-minded to a fault, and will not abide by people wronging her and her friends.




  • Confection Charisma Power! β€” The standard magical girl transformation.
  • Confectionary Conjuring β€” Polaire can summon various candies, cakes, and other sweet treats. In civilian form they appear as the normal versions of the treats (if a little more glittery) and merely provide a slight mood and energy boost to the people who eat them. If conjured in her magical girl form they get a more fantastical appearance and the effects are more varied and potent. The effects are determined by the color the confection is:
    • Blue β€” Freeze. Polaire's specialty. They encase whatever they hit in ice on impact.
    • Pink β€” Healing. Allies can chow down to mend their injuries and restore their stamina.
    • Purple β€” Shield. Polaire can summon a protective dome to cover her and her allies. The dome looks suspiciously like jello.
  • Teddy Titan β€” A combo attack with Rune. Polaire summons a gummy bear and Rune enlarges it with their enchantment magic. Kaiju fights ensue. For some reason, it refuses to despawn unless you feed it something.


  • The Spork of Champions β€” Polaire's transformation trinket. It turns into the perfect giant bludgeoning weapon when she transforms.
  • Georgie β€” A sentient gummy bear Polaire accidentally created.Β 


A native of Mahou Wando, Polaire dreamed of becoming a magical girl ever since she was little, and practiced her magic day in and day out. Unfortunately, practice means nothing without a transformation trinket, and those things are almost impossible to get. So what do you do? Get lucky at a pawn shop and buy one for pennies on the dollar! Sure the transformation is wonky sometimes, and it's gonna look pretty silly slinging cakes around on the battlefield, but the trinket's hersΒ now, goddamn it, and she's gonna make the best of it.Β 


  • Jupiter Corentine β€” School-assigned partner, friend. Polaire thinks he's a joy to be around. They're chill with each other and hang out all the time. There's a rumor they're dating, but Polaire doesn't bat for his team.Β 
  • Kelisade Fio β€” Tutoree. Polaire tutors Kelisade in literature. It is going... excruciatingly slow.
  • Rune Leovani β€” Rival. Polaire can't stand their prissy royal ass. They look down their nose, calling her an embarrassment to all magical girls, but she's not the one that can't pull off a single attack.



  • Books: Romance, young adult
  • Drink(s): Blueberry boba tea
  • Food(s): Buffalo wings
  • Fashion Style: aaa
  • Movies / TV: aaa
  • Music: aaa
  • Hobbies: aaa
  • Interests: aaa
  • Other Likes: aaa
  • Dislikes: aaa


  • Animal: aaa
  • Colors: aaa
  • Elements: aaa
  • Flower / Plant:Β aaa
  • Mineral: aaa
  • Playing Card: aaa
  • Scents: aaa
  • Sin | Virtue: Pride | Diligence


  • Polaire likes wearing her uniform, and wears it Monday through Thursday. She likes to replace the standard sweater with a cute sweater vest.
  • Polaire gets all A's, and is one of the top students of the school.
  • Mrs. and Mr. Polaire have 15 kids. Polaire's #11.