Kyrie Kempton



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Name Kyrie Kempton
Called Kyrie
Species Wolf / Rabbit
Gender Alpha
Job Musician, Vocalist, Guitarist
If in Band Ghost
Mother /
Father /
Status Married
If dating/married Etienne

The frontman for the band, Ghost, Kyrie is a head stong alpha that doesn't like to be bossed around by others. He often gets defensive over his famly as it's made up of both wolves and rabbits. Out of his brothers he's the most like his father, who is an alpha rabbit, than his wolf alpha mother. He enjoys spending time with his bandmates who are also some of his best friends and has a lot of fun with fan events and concerts.


  • Music
  • Steak, grilled carrots and baked potatoes
  • TV Dramas
  • Travelling


  • Gender Stereotyping
  • The words "Wabbit" and "Rolf"
  • Jello
  • Dressing Up in Formal Wear


  • Kyrie is completely blind in his right eye. He's been blind since birth but he doesn't share this knowledge with anyone unless he's very close to them. His fans don't even know about his blindness. He even sets the stage up in a certain manner so that he doesn't trip over anything while he's preforming.
  • Until recently he was unable to perform the song, Amnesia, due to the context and history with his ex, Sabin.
  • It took Kyrie an additional eight months to learn guitar properly due to the blindness in his right eye.
  • He called his quads "ham sandwiches" when they were born and still does in present time.
  • Second born of two


Home 1848 Hazelnut St, Charlotte Park, Silverlea
Work 1522 Crown Boulevard, Silver Summet Heights, Silverlea
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