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Hey there!
70868007_Wg3FUCDk7DKkSxG.gif Any of the content warnings listed below are things otherwise untagged on my profile- as in stuff that's unavoidable in character icons and otherwise.

Rest assured, I have more specific content warnings on characters that warrant it (at least I try to), but this is just for general browsing. 70868020_eFfZ2Pw4YuEcqZS.gif
Content Warnings

Multiple Eyes/Eye Horror

Body Horror

Mild Gore/Blood

Skeletons/Spooky Imagery


  • When I say spiders, I mean stylized and cartoony spiders. Actual, real photos of spiders/tarantulas are properly tagged on individual profiles.

  • For the gore/blood point, the characters relevant are mostly like cartoony zombies, and not taken realistically. Still, if you're sensitive to that kind of thing, exercise caution.
Stay safe! ♡

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