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Basic Info


Hero Fly/Fly Chao




5'7" ~ 5'8"

Title; Occupation

Princess; Coordinator


Home schooled, technically; royal family members have a seperate educational system altogether, highly focused on their type specialty.





Body Type

Tall, slim, fit from exercise


Projects she can tunnel vision on, ambience & quiet, summer evenings, reading, birds, cicadas, ample self-care and unwinding time (yoga, tea, hot springs)


Surprises, disorder, attention, PDA, greasy foods, chaotic weather, repetitive noises, prolonged social interactions/events, people pointing out her slenderness.


Aesthetic/themes/etc: Mature, elegant, dignified, yoga,  books/reading, traditional Japanese themes (she is a closet nerd for  this), suits, bifauxnen (think Utena)

Quick background:

     - Royalty, essentially a princess, but doesn't act in the expected  fashion & leans more towards the authority figure side of it, but  also prefers not to be treated differently most of the time
    - Very athletic and practices flying whenever she can
    - Has a pet condor that she loves very much

Quick personality notes:

    - Overall serious and cool demeanor, but wants to be more friendly
    - Self-imposed perfectionist
    - Prone to burnout - Stern mom friend who loves everyone very much and insists on taking care of them
    - Takes pride in the work she does for her position, but puts massive amounts of pressure on herself
    - Everyone tries to get her to relax and take it easy, including fellow royal family members
    - Truthfully has low self esteem and combats it with working hard
     - If given the chance, she'll gush about something she's highly  interested in, and tends to spend hours working on or researching a  topic out of pure curiosity.

Pilvi is a high-ranking member of  the Hero Garden Royal Family. You could technically call her a princess,  but she doesn't necessarily have the exact same kind of lifestyle or  authority as someone in her position would have. She mainly oversees and  manages the races and sports events, which includes things like  planning and the creation of course maps. Due to her high rank, she's  expected to take on a lot of other responsibilities as well, though most  of that expectation is self-imposed; a lot of the royals are very lax.  She prefers not to get too political, but as a member of a sort of  figurehead family, she often has to. Obviously there are other members  of the family around to assist. Her absurdly youthful and unreliable mom  pisses her off to no end.

Pilvi is a hardworking competitive  flyer(???stupid name) and spends much of her free time practicing for  events, or beating herself up about not practicing. She spends a little  too much time disciplining herself as well as developing new course  layouts. Since it's a bit frowned upon in the Hero Chao community to not  have a solid athletic ambition or at least a hobby that is oriented  toward the four main types, she tends to let this pressure get to her as  a royal figure and pushes herself too hard sometimes. Royal tier races  and sports events are also completely separate from all the rest, which  Pilvi really doesn't like. On top of it just being unfair, she compares  herself to "real" professional athletes and feels isolated because of  her royal status and being considered separate from them; this tier is  also viewed as mostly for show and not skill. She feels it's too easy  for her to be successful and praised because of this, so she puts down  her accomplishments and skills as not legitimate. She wants to compete  and join the real athletes, outside of the royal box.

It's  probably apparent, but Pilvi is quite an ice queen. She maintains a  stoic and businesslike demeanor around almost everybody, whether she  likes them or not. She relaxes the most around Brighty, Tiamat and  Halberd since the four of them have been friends for a long time.  Brighty is always trying to loosen her up and get her to relax about the  races, because she hates to watch the stress ruin Pilvi's natural love  of flying.