Veladin Alhun



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➵ "Who goes there?!" ➵

Veladin Alhun
Álta Dún, 187

Cocky. Prideful. Arrogant. Kinda cute. The whole package and he knows it. Some say Veladin's pride is deserved, he is the best hunter and tracker after all, but most just consider him a prick. Despite his initial hostile attitude to outsiders, if you prove to come in peace he'll let you be. Maybe he'll even hang around. Veladin can be remarkably helpful. Sometimes. He's kind of a guard/ranger for the area surrounding the settlement and often patrols nearby roads.

Born and raised in the snowclad Dwarven Mountains, Veladin led a relatively uneventful life. If you can say that about hunting alpha pack beasts and taking down smugglers trying to pass through the mountains.

♥ Archery, swordsmanship contests & dances, alcohol (seems to prefer dwarven drinks), the moon, lynxes (doesn't hunt them), dangerous drops and leaps
Hot weather, having his ears fiddled with, ripping his clothes/cloak, failed hunts, stale bread

Strengths: Agile, steady hand & good aim, good senses
Weaknesses: Tends to disregard warnings and advice, fragile pride



Ilios Truthseeker
Despite the fact that looking down on Náyla Dún for their soft nature is kind of a racial trait for their mountain relatives, Veladin seems to have a thing for the nervous scholar. It's kind of endearing.