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"Yet another mystery..."

Violet Human Lounge Singer

determined, abrasive, non-plussed, virtuosa

Design Notes

  • The necklace around her neck is gold.
  • She does wear normal civilaian clothes, feel free to draw her in anything you think is appropriate.

A sharp and unwavering figure, Violet has very little time for most oddities that would entice the more curious. She would much prefer to get through her college photography course with as little fanfare as possible. Distantly related to the tricksy folk, Violet has very little of her fairy inheritance to speak of, only the ability to sense other magic and a siren-like voice. Violet lacks the magic proficiency or pools of mana of her ancestors, muddied through years of human contact. However if one looks closely one can see she still carries some of the tricksy mindset of her distant kin. Her words are often sharp, and she has a particular distaste for lairs and the dishonourable. Make no mistake, she just wants a normal life.

Anyone who questions her skills will quickly discover her aloof demeanor and haughtiness. That isn't to say she is completely cold. She has been known to go beyond the call of duty for anyone she cares about, even involving herself in magical means to get to the bottom of a mystery.