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Arimel is a (custom) Venos. His name is made up, a mix of Amir and Amel, which both mean "prince." Call him "Ari" or "Mel" at your own peril, however.


Keywords: grumpy, logical, solitary, slow to warm up, introspective

Arimel can be described as an "intellectual brute." Though he appreciates his personal space bubble and is hesitant to trust anyone new, deep down he does crave connections with others. He doesn't know how to react to those who treat him kindly. Arimel is very aware of his own strengths and shortcomings because he spends so much time alone thinking. He isn't overconfident—he just sees himself and the world for how they truly are.

It's hard for him to form deep relationships, as he's very self-reliant and not the type to seek advice or comfort. He doesn't do well in large social groups. When pressed, however, he tends to gravitate towards other Venos or beings similarly dangerous. It's not that he dislikes weaklings or anything, he is merely aware of how poisonous he is and doesn't want to cause any damage accidentally.

Outwardly, he is quite cold and stoic, with a tendency to snap at people when they bother him too much or ask him too many questions. He is all bark and no bite, however, and is quite generous and forgiving. A bit of a tsundere. Arimel is rarely openly affectionate, so if he tolerates your presence without a fuss, then it means that he truly cares. Once attached to someone, he will be loyal and protective of them. 


  • strong swimmer, capable of withstanding relatively high water pressure
  • great lung capacity; very good at holding his breath
  • above average stamina and physical strength
  • able to slow his breathing and almost disappear into the dark
    • added bonus of having superb night vision
  • poison venom saliva
    • it's a neurotoxin that causes symptoms like those of sleep paralysis
    • will kill the victim within 3-4 hours if left untreated


  • born near the ocean on a night of the new moon
  • had trouble fitting in with otherVenos because of his prickly kindness
    • the other kids thought he was arrogant and/or unfeeling
  • eventually left to strike out on his own, settling down in a small hut on the banks of a saltwater lake deep in a forest
  • eats mostly fish and also gathers forest plants + keeps a small garden
  • struck a deal with researchers from the royal library
    • he gives them samples of his blood and saliva to study
    • they make sure the authorities don't bother him
    • simple (or is it?)
  • meeting with Kaede[x]

i'm going to elaborate on this when it's not 3AM and i'm more coherentlsdkfjslgkjsdfjfs

Design Notes

  • normal body-type Venos; 6'3" ish (or roughly 190cm)
  • black sclera (uncommon)
    • he has normal black pupils
  • glow spots on tail (rare)
  • two horns + medium-length hair, braided in the front
  • black paw pads
  • his venom saliva is the same color as his glow spots (bright teal/blue) and his blood is black
  • the themes I specified were “sunken ship” and “deep sea”

The color scheme doesn't have to be exact and his markings are a bit lighter than his hair, actually, just want to give a general idea~ Please refer to the sketch in his gallery for a clearer look at his physical features. Note: it's okay to draw him with hands (with long, sharp blue nails) but paws are preferred!