Sardari was getting started in the minor god business about the time Mina was forced out of it, an overlap of a few years. This would put her at being born sometime earlier than 1790.

She is not elastic like Mina - though it's obvious that some form of healing factor is among her "powers",  or she would look a lot older than she does. She also has some sort of space warping abilities. Which were used to "Seal Evil".

She is currently considered a god of gates. More specifically, of gate guards. That is, most of of the donations to her temple come from bribes given to said guards- unofficially, she dictates fair rates while combating any government crackdowns on corruption.

Mina lent Sardari a significant amount of gold over 30 years ago when her temple washed out during a bad monsoon season. It was either that, she realized, or be threatened with a long term house guest. At the time, the temple was in an Indian enclave of Bangladesh's Rajshahi Division. Which... presumably just became part of Bangladesh.