[Free] Simple World's Comments

hoi so magenta and red are a pretty important color in my two worlds respectively so id like to change the things color but i dont know if i can...

I'm DEFINETELY going to use this

hello! i was wondering if you could put this in a tab? Pastebin links dont seem to work for me ;; i have no idea why but it seems to be a problem for a bunch of people


This template looks so amazing. Thank you so much for making it available to use. I'm so out of practice with coding and I just needed a template to organize my data, so I will try this; again thank you <333

I ended up using this code to develop my TH and my universe overall. I'm a big fan of this code ^^

Sorry for the very late reply! You are free to reference and use anything you see here, but I unfortunately do not have the resources up yet. If you want, I can look into making it publicly available.

In case you're still interested, which ones would you like to see turned into a public code? :)

Will be using, thank you so much! If you want to know where it's used, the world can be found here: https://toyhou.se/~world/56724.koiren-haven

Thank you so much, I will be using this for my group!<3

This is really cool, if I ever make a world i'm def using this! ^^ One question tho, why does the header image stretch a bit when you scroll past it?

Thanks for letting me know!

It's a graphical error that sometimes happens on larger screens. It doesn't seem to happen on my Macbook with this particular image, but I have seen it happen on 1920x1080. My best guess would be that the image doesn't have the correct dimensions (too wide compared to how tall it is, for example) and the webpage doesn't know what to do with that. It's an issue I've seen happen with other images I tried, and unfortunately I don't know how to fix that :c

The best way around it is to choose an image that doesn't have this issue and test it out beforehand! You could also ask the HTML forums, as I'm sure someone more qualified than I will know the exact answer ;v;

kk, thanks for the info! ^^

yo this is actually so cool??? i tweaked it and imusing it in a literature (WIP lmao) (so i dont have to make a new world yet) and i love it so much

That's super cool! I subscribed to the literature on main and will definitely keep an eye on this 😃


used it for my universe here!! 👀 I edited it into a tab format so it could fit into my character folders, since I realized my css doesnt work in worlds sMH

Oh my, it's really cool to see this used by someone else, and as a folder HTML with full CSS while we're at it! That looks excellent, it's a very nice combo 😍

One question! Would this be code we would put as a “character” profile and link to other “characters” &/or tabs? Or does it function as a “forum” post code for the actual Worldbuilding page that TH has already put in. (I’ve only played with that layout a bit and it just seems to be like a second account with separate characters, fields, etc.?)

You can input this code anywhere (except forums, I don't believe the collapses work there. A version without the collapse should work there) but this layout was coded with TH's Worlds function in mind! I wrote a more in-depth guide on how to use them here. You'd input the code on the front page or in a separate page inside the world :)

OMG THANK YOU!!! That’s soooo helpful T3T

Happy to help!