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I do not generally interact with minors, as my characters are mostly NSFW in relation to trauma/gore/violence/sex/etc. But those that aren't maturity locked, I do not mind minors under 18 looking at.

All of the topics I delve into with my characters are personal representations of things I have struggled or deal with. Nothing is created to romanticise trauma / mental illness / self-harm / abuse / serial killers/criminals etc. so I will not interact with individuals who do so. If you think any of that shit is cute or aesthetic then kindly fuck off.

As stated above, those are the primary warnings I can give about my OCs, though nothing is written in extreme detail and I don't post graphic depictions of self-harm/abuse. Nudity IS present and some NSFW.

In addition, my Toyhouse is LGBTQ+ FRIENDLY! If you come at me with any fetishism such as futa/trap talk, gender normality corrections, blatantly misgendering my ocs or me, transphobic or ANY LGBTQ+phobic comments- I will promptly BLOCK you.

Feel free to interact with me, I really don't mind as long as you follow my guidelines. I don't often do ships with others outside mutuals, however, I am tentative to most RPs (text or image)

v v )/~.+.; Thank you for checking out my page!

Please do not
  • Claim Designs As Your Own
  • Misgender Me Or OCs
  • Ask To Roleplay If A Minor
  • Resell Adopts For More, Unless Contains Art
Content Warnings
  • Blood/Gore
  • Nudity/Sex
  • Self Harm/Mental Illness
  • Past Tense Trauma/Abuse

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