Boubka Frolig



2 years, 7 months ago

Basic Info

Full Name

Boubka Frolig








October 2nd, 1999


Two-Tailed Chaos Kitsune


Pianist and Dishwasher at restaurant Butterscotch


Station Square

Current residence

House in Station Square near the park

Marital status


Theme Song

Rockestrate My World - Endless Possibility ~



Boubka is a cyan kitsune with two black-tipped tails. He has emerald green eyes that sometimes seem to glow a bit. He also has a stripe-like scar on his right hand that is the same color as his eyes. He wears blue wide jeans and a green hoodie with white/red shoes. His dark brown hair is slightly long and messy. You can see he doesn’t do anything to style it. His neutral expression is already giving of a bright smile.


Personality traits:


-Helping people


-Making new friends




-People that don’t see the point in friendship


-Mean people

-Out of control fire




Boubka is a very optimistic character. He likes to mainly see the good things in stuff, and wants to show it to other people. He always acts very friendly to strangers and most of the time even to people he doesn’t really like. Boubka loves to go out exploring and making new friends. He also really tries to look at other people’s perspectives to try and understand them, if he first does not. He’s eager to learn about other people. However because of his friendly behaviour, Bou tends to be rather naïve about people, always expecting someone to do the right thing. If he realizes something does not match with his expectation of doing good, he can change into a serious, pessimistic or anxious person, still, this doesn’t happen a lot. Bou is a very impulsive person but overall a loveable goofball.


Combat traits:


Boubka is born with a genetic mutation. This mutation causes him to control and create Chaos Energy. Chaos Energy can be created by getting shots of adrenaline.
Basically, he's a Fox form of a Shadow, although he doesn't need a chaos emerald. But of course, he doesn’t have a source of unlimited power, which makes him way weaker than someone WITH a chaos emerald and the same powers. He can manipulate the chaos energy in his bloodstream. With this he can create various attacks, such as beams and bullets. He can also create solid objects, like gauntlets and swords. It could also sometimes happen that in shock, he activates Chaos control, during to a sudden burst of adrenaline. This most of the time gives him a small moment to collect his thoughts, which is very useful for a personality like Bou.


Special Abilities:

Adrenaline Rush: When facing an obstacle or when being in a battle, Boubka builds up adrenaline. The adrenaline causes him to build up chaos energy, meaning that he has more to spend. This also causes him to not tire out. Although after the event, Boubka can get really tired, meaning that he can’t do much for a while.

Bloodstream sensing: Every mobian has some chaos energy in his blood. Although it is a miniscule amount, Boubka can still sense this energy. It is very unaccurate though. Most of the time it can only tell him that there are mobians present in his area.


-Good at making friends and sensing what others feel
-Very trustworthy
-Not easily giving up
-Good at long and short range


-Cannot deal with loneliness
-Has a bad sense of danger
-Gets easily distracted

-Fire: So apparently Chaos + Fire = Explosions? Bou has had a traumatic experience with fire during the destruction of Station Square as well, making it one of Bou’s biggest fears. That means fire attacks. Not campfires. Campfires are coo’.


Physical Stats:(on a scale of 0 to 10)

Speed: 7.5 - Can reach high speeds. He doesn’t get outrunned fast and can keep up with the major amount of fast mobians.
Strength: 6 - Although he can leave some heavy punches and lift up two full shopping bags, he can’t go really further than that.
Intelligence: 6.5 - Boubka is not a mastermind, but has the ability to quickly think strategy's through, Although he does lack some logical wisdom here and there. He is good at solving puzzles.

Agility: 7 - Boubka can bend away quickly when an attack is incoming. He is pretty agile but never trained gymnastics. So don’t expect him to do a double flip after swinging on a pole.

Chaos Bracelet: Boubka wears a green-ish but transparent bracelet that works as a recevoir for chaos energy. He can fully load it up by holding a chaos emerald or he could really slowly load it up when having an adrenaline rush. Without the bracelet, Boubka has 40-50% less chaos energy to use\


Social information:

Positive relations:

Drake FroligBoubka’s father. Drake is a dark blue, hyperactive fox with passion for exploring. He knows how to survive in many bad circumstances. He is also very impulsive. Together with Boubka’s mom, his job is to explore certain areas to find ancient buildings or sacred treasures. Once found, others would continue his job in investigating the buildings. Some say that he’s sort of a treasure hunter, although he’s never really searching for one. He just loves to explore.

More info about this character?:

Lara Chaol: Boubka’s mother. Lara is a calm, green kitsune. Although being very good at helping her husband in exploring sometimes dangerous areas, she is very sweet and always calm. She also has the ability of controlling chaos energy. She is the one that learns Boubka how to use it. She is the most serious of the family, although that doesn’t say much. 

More info about this character?:

Luka Frolig: Boubka's lovely sister. She's two years older than Boubka. Their relationship is very brother/sister related. They’re not real good friends because they’re both doing different things all the time, but they talk a lot to eachother about things like what they’ve done the whole day or how different things work. Of course, brothers and sisters tease each other and they are no exception. The two can really get on each other’s nerves sometimes, but they still love one another. They’re also alone together in one house for sometimes a few weeks straight, so their bond is pretty close.

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Craid Taron: Eventhough they don’t talk to each other a lot. The two of them seem to bond quite a bit. Bou enjoys the stories Craid tells him about his own adventures. He is also the one that helped him get away from the destruction of Station Square, and he’s very thankful for that. They also work at the same place. Overall, they seem like good conversation buddies.

More info about this character?:

Alina Marilayra: Although they don't share a lot of similarities, Boubka and Alina are very good friends. Alina found Boubka with a broken arm during the events of the destruction of Station Square and took care of him. Bou thinks Alina’s shyness is adorable. He wants to help her in any way to become a more social person.

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Born in Station Square. His parents are adventurers. In his first years, his parents didn't go anywhere to take care of Boubka and his sister. But now, after a few years. they sometimes are away for a long time. Mister Butterscotch, a wise owl, looks on the two by visiting at least once a day. So he learned with his sister to be independent.

On primary school, things didn't go as well. At first everyone liked Boubka, but eventually Boubka told about his powers when he got somewhat older. The other kids were afraid of him and shielded themselves off Boubka. Although eventually, Boubka got some friends back. He found out that if you would just push hard enough, people would show their nice side to him. This gave him trust in every person. That every person has good in themselves.

Then the destruction of Station Square came around. He was the only person in the family being home at the time. He suddenly felt very unstable when he was inside the house, because of a close disturbance in chaos energy. He tried to get out of the city, but got caught by a falling piece of rubble, breaking his arm. Because of the shock he blacked out, when later, he woke up in a sidecar of Craid’s motorcycle, heading for Scelus. That’s where he lived with Luka, Craid, Alina and his parents for a few months. When their own home was fixed, they left Craid and Alina to go live in Station Square again.

Years later (The present), Boubka has seen some people he couldn't befriend. He realized that some people are just pure evil. This mildly matured Boubka, has a bit less trust in every random person walking on the street. However, he still tries to cheer everyone up, just like the old times.