Craid Taron



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Basic Info


Craid Taron


Chef Fox, Thief




July 7th, 1987








Chef cook at Restaurant Bittersweet



Current Residence

House in Scelus

Marital status


Theme Song

Kane - Rain Down On Me ~



Craid is a lavender coloured fox. He also has some white fur on his muzzle and stomach. He has Grey, almost whitish hair that’s of medium length, devided into two tufts of hair on the back. He is tall and has a muscular build, making obvious that he works out a lot. His tail is fully purple and very rough. His most notable feature is an X-marked scar over his right eye. It doesn’t seem to affect the eye itself, but rather his eyelid. His usual outfit consists of a white or black tanktop, together with a neckerchief kind of poncho of the opposite gradient. He wears a tracksuit bottoms with beige mountain shoes. He also wears bandages over his arms, but these seem to be used for aesthetic more than actual use. Craid can come over as quite intimidating. Mostly because of his overall appearance, but also because he usually carries around his sword on his back.

Personality traits:




-A calm atmosphere

-Sword fighting


-Mountain Climbing



-Dark Alleyways

-Bad food


-People knowing he loves cheesy romance novels


Craid has been living in serenity for most of his childhood. This made him to be quite the calm and sincere person. He likes to take a moment to sit down and relax. He is always in for a good book to read or for a nice refreshing cup of tea to raise his spirits. Nothing energizes him more than taking a short break and collecting his thoughts. Growing up without too much conflict made him actually frail to these kind of situations. Whenever things tend to get tense or stressful, Craid isn’t quite sure what to do and usually needs to take time and think about the situation. He isn’t a big fan of going with your gut feeling. The fox knows what he stands for and is very disciplined. When he makes up a task for himself, he will complete it in an orderly and constructive fashion.

The guy can actually be quite shy to new people. He acknowledges his own intimidating looks, and doesn’t want to scare or bother people he doesn’t know, afraid of scaring people away. Together with his calm nature, it makes Craid a bit of a quiet individual who doesn’t say many things too often. As previously mentioned, Craid is a very sincere person and wouldn’t be quick to lie to other people for his own benefit. He will try to hide stuff from others, but when asked will usually answer honestly.

Craid loves to talk about his hobbies. When asked about them, he usually opens up and sometimes even can’t stop talking about it without an obvious hint. He is also very interested in what other people do for their hobbies, and what keeps them happy, as he likes to try new things that aren’t part of his usual routine. Craid also loves kids and will always try to help the younglings out, even willing to take total stranger kids into his residence. He is a really caring person and has his door open for anyone who needs help. He is also a hopeless romantic, loving stories about relationship and adventures powered by love. Still, he never actually had a relationship himself.



This fox is a very fit individual. Craid has been trained in the art of sword fighting since he was a few years old and has never stopped training. His combat skills are incredible. Craid is able to put up a fair fight against most well-trained people.

Special abilities:

Coming from a family of mythical hunters, Craid has picked up a few special sensory abilities that go back to ancient times. Sadly, he has forgotten most of them since he was never trained well in it and left his village before he could specialize it. One ability that has been with him him since then though, is the ability to lock-on to certain people. Whenever someone hides, Craid can roughly estimate where his opponent might stick around, making it easy for him to keep following his opponents. (You can kind of compare it to Eagle Vision from the AC games)

Craid is also the proud owner of a family heirloom. This is the sword he usually carries on his back. It has magical properties that make the blade effective against mythical beings such as vampires and demons. His blade can be divided into two parts: a left one and a right one, to make two one-handed sword out of his two-handed sword. He has been trained in this fighting style, which makes him a master in switching from heavy, powerful blows to more quick, swift ones in short notice.


-Stays calm and collected

-Determined to protect

-Physically extremely fit

-Very trustworthy


-Needs to prepare himself for battle

-Easily startled out-of-combat

-Not a team player

Social relations:

Alina Marilayra: Craid’s foster daughter. He has taken care of her since she was 9. Even though they have a very strong father-daughter relationship, they also see themselves as great friends, seeing as their age doesn’t really fit in a father-daughter perspective. They learn each other how to be more social and they pretty much enjoy the same things, like a calm atmosphere and reading. The difference in their hobbies though is that Craid likes sword fighting, while Alina likes being a big weeb, a thing Craid can still not fully work with. Craid would do anything to protect Alina from any further harm done to her.

More info about this character?: 

Drake Frolig and Lara Chaol: Craid met Drake and Lara when he became a cook at restaurant Butterscotch. The two were both working there so they could earn money for their kids when they were still young. The three share the urge of adventure and exploring, and thereby talk a lot with each other till this date. Craid sees the two as his mentors to fit into Station Square’s society. Drake has the most ridiculous plans which enthuse him, while Lara can tell the most interesting stories about her life on Maiauni Village.

More info about these characters?:

Gwyzelle Taron: Craid's cousin. When she was 7, Craid left her hometown to live far away in Scelus, trying to start a life for himself as a cook. Gwyzelle could always cheer him up. Whenever Craid was around, he always had some time to play and chat with her. That's where she mostly got the idea that the big city is great, with thousands of opportunities. Without Craid, Gwyzelle would’ve never been where she was now. Craid feels very responsible for his niece, which makes him a bit anxious for her, but he's also excited to see what she makes of her future.

More info about this character?:

Rhyss Frolig: Eventhough they don’t talk to each other a lot. The two of them seem to bond quite a bit. Maybe it’s because Craid sees a lot of Drake and Lara in Rhyss. Craid tells him about his adventures, which really seem to interest the cyan fox. He is also the one that helped him get away from the destruction of Station Square. Overall, they seem like good conversation buddies. Craid is amazed by how energetic and extrovert Rhyss can be, and tries to follow his behaviour sometimes to get out of his comfort zone.

More info about this character?:

Luka Frolig: Guess who’s also the hopeless romantic! Craid and Luka both love the bad roman genre and they often share stories. Luka has been on the look for a partner for Craid for years, however results seem to be lacking. Craid is fine with it. He would find it very uncomfortable if Luka actually set him up with someone. It does make for some nice conversations with her however.

More info about this character?: 

Katie Briggs: Weirdly enough Katie and Craid share the same music taste. You wouldn’t expect Craid to be fan of loud rock music, but he is! The two regularly discuss it when they’re both at work. Craid once helped Katie with a project where she couldn’t use Derek as her drummer, seeing as it was a present for Derek. The two trust each other. Craid finds Katie rather jumpy and loud, which can bother him. He definitely has to be in the right mindset when he’s talking with her. When he is he can have great discussions with her though.

More info about this character?: 

Keren Brazier: Craid once had a broken motorcycle. Luckily Katie knew someone who was very good at fixing his. This was Keren. They met, shared their interests in roadtrips and soon after became good friends. Keren now visits Craid’s workplace, Restaurant Bittersweet, weekly for some fun babbles with every staff member there. He’s actually starting to grow quite fond of her.

More info about this character?: 

Prescill Marilayra: Alina’s older sister. Seeing as Craid took away Perscill’s sister from her, they are not on good terms. They see each other as enemies, protecting the one they love the most. Craid has given up on trying to forgive Prescill. She’s a heartless monster who would do anything to make him suffer.

More info about this character?: 


Born in Rahullikus, a village that is on the other side of the country, Craid was raised by two loving parents. Their parents, just like several other families in this village, where mythical hunters, trying to scare and hunt down mythical creatures that were disturbing peace on the edge of the country. It was here that Craid earned his sword by training in swordfighting, eventually becoming the best sword fighter of his age in the village. However the fox had other ambitions, and realized that he would never achieve his goal in the village he has grown up in. He wanted to become really good at cooking, finding a job in that expertise. Helping the people in need in another way. His parents seemed to hesitate, but after a while accepted that their son would find another way to become successful.

Once he was 18, he moved to Station Square to find a good job there. He quickly got work at a small café and eventually a year later he became a cook at Restaurant Bittersweet. There he met Drake and Lara, who he got befriended with. After that he went out and explored more of the city, slowly starting to get that things were way different in the big city. Craid’s life was hectic the upcoming two years, as he struggled a bit with finances and lived in a really bad apartment, but eventually he had climbed his way up. He started to earn more and got a better apartment, making his life less tough.

On one fateful night, when Craid was 20 and Alina was 9, Craid was wandering through the same alleyway as Alina and her sister Prescill. Craid overheard their conversation. Prescill was forcing Alina into drugs dealing, seeing as the two were poor and Prescill was in need of extra money. Alina steadfast didn’t want to. She yelled, but Prescill, being the older sister, was too strong to go into an argument with. Craid stepped in, deciding to explain that what Prescill was doing was wrong. This angered her. Craid offered them both a place to stay, Alina immediately accepted, thinking it would be the right thing to do. The two sisters would finally be safe at a home with a friendly man. Prescill, being older and wiser, was suspicious of Craid. Seeing as she already felt scolded at, Prescill didn’t accept Craid’s help and actually tried to fight him. She was no match for Craid, even with the small knife she was carrying with her, Craid didn’t even have to draw his sword. That was when Prescill fled, leaving Alina alone, accusing her of not sticking with her family. Alina wanted to stick with Craid, so she moved in with him. Craid would take care of her as a foster parent.

During this period, Prescill became a more experienced fighter and challenged Craid several times to fight for her sister. Every attempt to get her back failed. Prescill wanted nothing else than Craid’s death. Every new attempt angered her more. One day, Prescill came as far as to give Craid an X-marked scar on his eye, almost blinding him on the right side. For some reason after that, Prescill disappeared and the two never fought again. Now it was four years after Craid took in Alina. Now that Prescill stopped with the headhunting, things finally seemed back to how the fox imagined his calm life would be.

Eventually the destruction of Station Square came around. The fox was currently living there. He had to somehow get out of the city with Alina as soon as possible, however Alina was somewhere in the streets. She called him, giving him her location. Alina wasn’t there on her own. She was trying to help Rhyss, who was stuck in the rubble. He broke his left arm. Craid helped Rhyss get out of Station Square. Alina decided that it would be better if they went to Craid’s training shack in Scelus to see if she could patch Rhyss up. He helped Rhyss recover, together with Alina. When the two were taking care of Rhyss, he seemed to actually learn from Rhyss that being afraid of your own appearance won’t help you with anything. Craid was still struggling with his scar, which made him even more frightening. Rhyss’ words seemed to help him a bit.

Currently Craid is having a very stable life. His job is fun, he gets paid a lot and his daughter is studying to get a fulltime job of her own. He has lots of time to read, train and just have fun. The only thing that’s missing now is a girlfriend. And maybe some more actual friends instead of hanging around the restaurant, talking with his daughter’s friends. All will be fine eventually.