Craid Taron



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Basic Info


Craid Taron


Chef Fox, Thief






July 7th, 1987




Chef cook at restaurant Butterscotch



Current Residence

House in Scelus

Marital status


Theme Song

Crush 40 - Never Turn Back ~



Craid is a purple fox with a tall and muscular build which can come over quite intimidating to a lot of people. He usually wears a white or black shirt, with over it a neckerchief kind of poncho which has the opposite color of his shirt. He usually wears a jogging pants with it together with some beige mountain shoes. His hair is light-gray and his irises orange. He also has a thin X-marked scar on his right eyelid. He wears bandages under his shirt and around his arms. His tail is fully purple and very rough.


Personality traits:




-Peace and quietness


-Mountain Climbing




-Dark Alleyways

-Bad food




Craid has been living in serenity for most of his childhood. This is why Craid is pretty calm and thinks about things first before he does them. Craid however is also very shy to new people, knowing that his appearance might scare most of them. This is also a reason to why he is very quiet at first. He is still one to like a good conversation however. And he very much likes to talk about cooking or other hobbies. Craid is a person who’s firm but fair, and will do anything to be on the good guys’ side.


Combat traits:


Craid has the ability to lock his target on a person, and almost never lose it. Even when the person is behind walls, he calculates to when the person will come out behind the wall again, and is very good in that process.

He also of course is great at swordfighting. He has learned it when he was young, and is still training a lot to fully master the art of dual wield and two-handed sword combat.





-Excellent in swordfighting

-Good cook



-Sometimes thinks too long

-Likes to be on his own

-Afraid of scaring people off


Physical Stats: (On a scale of 0 to 10)

Speed: 5.5  ­– Although being strong, he’s not very fast. His fighting style is also not really based on speed. More on hanging around in trees and stuff.

Stamina: 8.5 – Training everyday means stamina for a whole day

Strength: 9  ­– Did I already tell you that Craid is strong? I mean hell, he could be a boxer to be honest

Intelligence: 6 – He learned stuff? I mean he’s not dumb?

Agility: 6.5 – Again strength trades off very quickly. He first got a 6 but he’s very good at climbing so that should be noted.



Split Sword: Craid is in possession of a very special sword. It has been crafted by the local blacksmith of Rahullikus, which apparently is a very good blacksmith. It is a two handed sword which can be split into two blades, making it a dual wielded sword. It enables Craid to make special combos, switching from heavy slashes to quick doubles.

Social information:




Positive relations:

Alina Marilayra: Craid’s foster daughter. He has taken care of her since she was 9. Even though they have a very strong father-daughter relationship, they could also be seen as great friends, seeing as their age doesn’t really fit in a father-daughter perspective. They learn each other how to be more social and they pretty much enjoy the same things, like a calm atmosphere and reading. The difference in their hobbies though is that Craid like sword fighting, while Alina likes being on the internet, a thing Craid can still not fully work with. Craid would do anything to protect Alina from any further harm done to her.

More info about this character?:

Drake Frolig/Lara Chaol: Craid met Drake and Lara when he became a cook at restaurant Butterscotch. The two were both waiter there so they could earn money for their kids when they were still young. The three share the urge of adventure and exploring, and thereby talk a lot with each other till this date. The bond especially strengthened again when Craid saved Boubka Frolig, their son, from the destruction of Station Square.

 More info about these characters?:

Boubka Frolig: Eventhough they don’t talk to each other a lot. The two of them seem to bond quite a bit. Maybe it’s because Craid sees a lot of Drake and Lara in Bou. Craid tells him about his adventures, which really seem to interest the cyan fox. He is also the one that helped him get away from the destruction of Station Square. Overall, they seem like good conversation buddies.

More info about this character?: 

Keren Brazier: Craid once had a broken motorcycle. Luckily a colleague of him knew someone who was very good at fixing his. This was Keren. They met, shared their interests in roadtrips and soon after became good friends. Keren now visits Craid’s workplace, the Butterscotch Restaurant, weekly for some fun babbles with every staff member there. Roadtrip friends. Yes.

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Negative relations:

Prescill Marilayra: Alina’s older sister. Craid has taken Alina away from her seeing as she wanted to do bad things to her. The two have fought about her ever since. Craid clearly does not like Prescill and doesn’t see her being able to change ever.

 More info about this character?:



Born in Rahullikus, Craid has had a good and calm childhood. He learned swordfighting from his mother and cooking from his father. Both still being one of his favourite things to do.

Once he was 18, he moved to Station Square to find a good job there. He quickly got work at a small café and eventually a year later he became a cook at restaurant Butterscotch. There he met Drake and Lara, who he got befriended with. After that he went out and explored more of the city but also places far outside of Station Square.

On one fateful night, when Craid was 20 and Alina was 9, Craid was wandering through the same alleyway as Alina and her sister. Craid overheard their conversation. Prescill was forcing Alina into drugs dealing, otherwise she wouldn’t have enough money that she was spending to an unknown place. Alina steadfast didn’t want to. She yelled, but Prescill, being the older sister, was too strong to go into an argument with. That was when Craid decided to take care of Alina. Craid asked Prescill to come with her, but she refused. And she wasn’t just going to give Alina to him either. They fought. Prescill with a knife she always had with her, Craid with his sword. The match was easily decided. Craid was able to scare off Prescill after just a bit of showing what he was capable of. Alina wanted to stick with Craid, so she moved in with him. Craid would take care of her as a foster parent.

Years pass and especially at the beginning of these years, Prescill still tried to take Alina with her one way or the other, all of them failed. Craid was too steadfast to lose Alina and make her go corrupt. Prescill eventually gave up, he has never seen her after that.

Eventually the destruction of Station Square came around. Craid was at the beginning not even in Station Square, but had to return there to save Alina. He got to her by his motorcycle. However Alina wasn’t there on her own. She was trying to help Boubka, who was stuck in the rubble. He broke his left arm. Craid helped Boubka get out of station square. This was going Alina decided that it would be better if they went to Craid’s training shack in Scelus to see if she could patch Boubka up. He helped Boubka recover, together with Alina. Boubka taught Craid to try and be more open to other people instead of thinking that people would be scared of his appearance.