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Eastern Dragon / Unicorn Horn / Perky Ears <3 

Floogans are very small dragons. Typically the size of an average, full grown, house cat. But can be even smaller and sometimes a bit bigger. Floogans have a cat like personality. They take long naps, love to hunt toys, and can be both snuggly as well as aloof. But of course, like any dragon, are hoarders! They also have many different traits! Ranging from different horns, tails, ears, and even body types. They can eat many different things, giving them a ranged diet. A healthy floogan always has a good daily dose of protein though!

These guys are considered to be a "rare" version of the floogan species.
They are coveted for their majestic appearance.
Often they are the stars of floogan competitions, where owners come to show off there floogans special skills!

Eastern Bodied Floogans will tend to always have an orb.
Though sometimes this might be replace with a similar round object to their liking.
The orb is there special treasure, the crown jewel of their hoard!

These floogans have a strong diet of fruits, nuts, and vegetables.