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General Warnings

Please do not message me or comment to be notified on trading or selling any of my babies.
If you do message me be prepared to be met with one warning and then blocked

I tend to forever home the characters I buy.

All of the characters I have for sale or trade will be listed under: GlitterBobOMB-4sale.
So I would recommend subscribing to that account and if I do ever transfer something there....

1. I will update the character and it will notify anyone following the account.
2. I will not do trades, only cash sales. 

  • Do not steal, copy, heavy referencing, and color picking any of my characters nor copy/steal any written stories
  • You do not have permission to include any of my characters into your characters’ stories or commission without asking me (friends excluded)
  • I ask that you do not comment on a character for any reason and send me a PM instead if you have any questions about specific character(s)
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